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Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers - June 20, 2017

Today's Message is another excerpt from the Collective’s new book: Connections: The Collective Speakon Romance and Friendship

From Chapter 2 – “On Desire in the Fifth Dimension”

 In the fifth dimension, will there still be a desire for sex? 

Will sex be similar to that of the third dimension? Or will it be more of an energy experience—orgasm by melding mind energy with another?

And will our bodies still be able to reproduce, once they are in crystalline form?

[The Collective] You speak of sexual acts as you currently know them, and of desire as you currently know it. Yet both of these take on a higher vibrational aspect—a higher form of experience—in the fifth dimension.
You can begin now to experience your life as a fifth dimensional one, and to experience your planet as being fifth dimensional. Ascension is a process.
You will not walk through a doorway that suddenly takes you from one frequency to a much higher one. 

You would not be able to sustain your physicality in a much higher vibration for very long, without the cellular and DNA “upgrades” you are receiving now.

You speak of moving into a purely energetic form of sexuality. Yet it is already energetic in essence.

It is mainly a matter of one person feeling the connecting of their own energetic vibration to that of another, and that is only partly due to physical attraction.

We assure you, that when you view another due to sexual attraction, this is not merely a matter of seeing them as beautiful, powerful, or intriguing.

It is a matter of seeing them as many things at once, all of them calling silently to every aspect of your own sexual and personal identity, as your spirit/psyche are now experiencing them.
This goes well beyond the physical, for nearly everyone. Even animals are drawn more powerfully to one mate than they are to another of equal strength, youth, or fertility.

Your sexual vibration, as with every aspect of your life, holds many things at once, and this includes a unique set of vibrational tones that ring out from you and alert those near you as to who or what you are at that moment.

It holds the tones not only of how you view sexuality, but also how you see your life, how you see all life, how you view current or potential partners, and what you believe your role on Earth to be.

In that way, there is much that will express itself in your face, voice, posture, physical presence, and your ability to be assertive, aggressive, or passive with another. Yet there is far more that expresses within your etheric body, which others more feel than see.

None of this need be spoken aloud, or explained to anyone who is sensitive to the expression of the particular vibration your spirit is ringing out, both within your physical vessel and beyond it.
Anyone who is “attracted” to you is both responding to that frequency, and matching it. So that often, even before two people have said “Hello,” they are meeting etherically in mutual agreement that their two frequencies should meet and perhaps combine into a greater one.

This is how children are made. And yet, in dimensions such as the fifth and beyond, this process does not happen only because two bodies have combined.

It occurs because two people have decided to call in the spirit of a child from its place in the higher realms, into a single body that holds the combination of their two vibrational realities.

The vibration of that child is also intentionally called forth to ring higher, truer, and more brilliantly than the sum of the parents’ vibrations.

There is a focus on bringing in a being whose crystalline structure and resonance is of an even higher and finer vibration than either of the parents’ own vibrations.

As people live for so long in the fifth dimension and higher, replenishing the population with new life is not of great concern as it is in third dimensional societies.

And yet, if a woman wishes to have the experience of birthing a child—and her partner considers this responsibility as seriously and fully as she does—then the two of them concentrate together, in a temple or natural setting dedicated to such creation, focusing their thoughts and joyful emotions on the creation of this child.

This is far more than the meeting of two bodies, with the desire to continue the family line. Or to enjoy the presence of a small child who looks and behaves as the parents do, or who carries out parental ambitions.

And it is certainly never an “accident” as so many pregnancies are termed in the third dimension. In the higher dimensions, this co-Creational moment is understood in its full etheric purpose.

It is understood that the child is the outer result of the meeting of two spirits—two heart-minds joined in mutual higher purpose, rather than responding to social pressure or pure instinct.

Now the thought is, “If we are to be blessed with bringing forth a new life onto the planet, let us bring forth a bright Light who holds a purpose that will serve both Earth and humanity.”

Far from creating a youngster who will “make the family proud” with this accomplishment or that, the focus is on drawing forth the soul of a being who will add more joy, more insight, more upliftment, and more Light (in other words, more Love) to the Earth and Her people.

And of course, many now desire such.

Many also desire to bring forth a child purely because they love children, and wish to form a family with their partner, and that is a beautiful instinct.

It is simply that in the fifth dimension, the spirit of the child is considered as much as the physical event of their birth.

Most assuredly, the crystalline cellular structure is present not only in the physical for both parents and child.

It is the crystalline Lightbody consciousness that makes this higher, far more conscious form of conception a reality. The parents are at that point birthing a fifth dimensional being into the world. And that makes all the difference.
Regarding the energetic connection between two persons, in fifth dimensional life, a new partner is first met etherically.
And though the energetic and physical connection of the sexual act is still enjoyed, few would consider that sex could be “purely physical” and nothing else.

For one, the actual energy and intent of sexual connection can be present without bodies having met, via an etheric meeting in the soul planes.

For another, the inner self (and your many energy bodies) cannot be isolated from the effects of outer action. As all consists of energy, all responds as such.

The idea of disconnection comes not from separating emotions from the body, but from dislocating the heart-mind from sexual thought, feeling, and actions.
That disconnection has been one of the goals—one of the forms of not only dehumanization, but of mind control—pursued by the old power structure.
Their goal was to encourage disconnection from the heart-mind, and the higher purpose of your soul and higher self . . .


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