Monday, June 12, 2017

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Implant Removal sessions, Readings and new Service: Activation descending of the Higher Self.


April and May was filled with so much healing and reading sessions, I noticed a grand demand for Implant removal and healing sessions during those months.  In June there are 3 services available/recommended for you with one new service included.  The Implant removal session on skype, Typed readings or Merlin readings and NEW is the "Activation descending of the Higher Self" session.

Book in now as June still has open spots from on next week June 19, 2017 for readings, implant removal sessions as well as the new service of Activation and Descending of the Higher Self session.  July and August will be a longer waiting list.

Underneath you can find the description of these 3 services and what these entail..

Much love

Implant Removal

This session has a duration of 1 hour and is done through skype on remote.

We focus on the lower bodies and the chakras as we remove implants, boxes, crystals, parasites and eggs with the Violet Flame. After this cleansing we use the Seafoam Green Light to remove all the residue that still lingers in certain areas after the transmutation has taken place.  I channel what comes through during this session as I receive the information to which energies certain implants are related and where these are originating from.  I take you through this step by step as to where you visualise and go through the same steps simultaneously with me.  We are guided and supported by the Masters of Light as each main guide as well as my higher Self will guide you through this.  Inbetween I will use lightlanguage to help and clear certain energies or to activate a state of balance.  We will finalize this session with a shield of protection, a blanket of roses and with the usage of ethereal amethysts.  This session is audio recorded and will be send to you afterwards as an mp3 file.

This session includes the following:  
* audio mp3 recording of the session
* short read during session (where implants, blockages and other lower energies originate from)
* lightlanguage
* working with the Violet Flame and the Seafoam Green
* using ethereal amethyst crystal and a protection shield
* 1 hour session on skype ~ we talk a bit before and after the 1 hour session
* implant removal + cleanse

What is the added value of this type of healing session?
* personal contact with my energy and energy work through skype (voice and video)
* audio recording of this session in the form of a meditation
* you can do this session on yourself afterwards following the audio guidance and repeat this often, so that one session with me is enough!!! (high value)
* we mention where your implants originate from
* lightlanguage activations

Sessions are done in English and Dutch.

You can find this service in my webshop.

* NEW * Activation Descending of the Higher Self.

This session has a duration of 1 hour and is done on remote. (for now)

We focus on cleansing the lower bodies and the chakras with the Violet Flame. After this cleansing we balance the chakras and align the chakras so that the higher Self can descend and make a deeper connection.  We call in the Higher Self and activate the descending process through a visualisation, the usage of Light language activation and we work with your Ray of Light.  We are guided and supported by the Masters of Light as each main guide as well as my higher Self will guide you through this. 

We will finalize this session with a shield of protection to integrate this activation.

What is the added value of this type of session?

As the Higher Self descends, the embodiment process begins: which on itself allows for you to manifest better in life, assists you with the changes you want to implement in life due to a more centered Beingness, enhances and activates your intuition, brings you balance and equilibrium, an overall better health, connection to your guides and the Higher Dimensions, activation of your Divine abilities and skill sets, a rebirth and transformation, transcendence, higher awareness and an openness, expanding your field and heart, you will feel stronger and more confident...

You can find this service in my webshop.

Typed Reading

Typed Readings offered in Dutch and English

Here I will tune in and prepare for your reading in my own Sacred Space and in my own timeframe on the day that the reading is sceduled. I will Channel the reading and send you a typed Reading through E-mail. These readings consist of guidance that assists you in the now, along with general information about your soul lineage, your Higher Selves, your Galactic lineage, your Ray of Light and your guides + extra Oracle Card messages after the reading. 1 to 3 questions are allowed to be asked, where those will be addressed on a deeper level. I work with a certain team of Ascended Masters and Archangels as well as with our Galactic Family of Light and the Dolphin and Fairy energies. I always ask for the most appropriate and closest Light Being of the Highest Light of Christ consciousness to come through that serves your Highest Best at this time.

You can find this service in my webshop.

Merlin Basic Reading

Merlin Reading Basic offered in Dutch and English

Merlin gives you a reading on what is basically important to know in this Now. As straigthforward as he is, Merlin brings you direct and honest guidance of reflections with a touch of humor. It is Merlin his wish for you to see things yourself instead of giving you all the anwers on a plate, so as Magical and mysterious as he is this type of reading is a profound Magical experience. No questions allowed in this type of Reading as Merlin offers you the following:

Short portret of the Individual - Where are you NOW at this point of being here on Earth - Current Facts - 1 Channeled firecode passed on by Merlin for you personally.

This Reading is typed and send to you by email.

You can find this service in my webshop.

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