Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Paige Hall Ferraro ~ New Earth Radio Network ~ Full Moon Eclipse with Stellar

♥ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Blessings ♥ 

Greetings BEautiful Souls 

Important Update!  There was a "mix up" on Blogtalk's scheduling & so our show with the amazing, Stellar Fairbairn, has been changed.  Ironically, I had originally felt that our show should air on the Full Moon Eclipse and teedah!  It Is So!  Please make note of the date change and the new link below!  
You are invited to tune in with us on a New Earth Radio Network with our special guest, Stellar!  We have featured her incredible music on this network several times and it is an honor to have her as our guest for the first time. Stellar is a Goddess who embodies the Divine Feminine & the Christed Consciousness. For this show, We share a love-filled conversation about her music, the significance of 432 Hz, Divine Balance and supporting Feminine Leadership from the Heart. We also talk about her upcoming retreats in Ireland & Southern France, and share more about the energies of the Full Moon Lunar eclipse and the intensity since the great Solar August eclipse. Of course, we will also play tracks of Stellar's music which touches us all so deeply.
In addition to this interview, I will share messages for the full moon eclipse energies, as well as crystals that are coming forth to support us and a few special
announcements. This is a 2 hour show. 
Date: January 31st, Wednesday (Full Moon Eclipse)
Time: 8pm EST / 5pm PST
Call in to listen on your phone:
1 + (929) 477-3386
*** If this network has assisted you along your path we would LOVE a donation to keep this show going! I do not charge any of my guests fees or accept profits on their behalf. This is a FREE service for ALL. ***
For further information about our special guest please visit: 

We are Co-Creating a New Earth as ONE!
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Peace, Love & Unity Blessings,
Paige ♥


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