Monday, September 30, 2013

Lucas – Adaptations – Aligning The Inner Works With The New Manifesting Reality – 30 September 2013 greetings from my observation post somewhere in the universe. The  tumultuous energies of change have ruptured the membranes. It feels for those not having yet a birthing or re-birthing experience like that.
Change is going two ways.. those still ejecting from the center  back into polarity and those coming into center finding neutrality. It is the time everything  needs to settle like a whirl will find its place when it is in balance  spinning.
The energies of the past week have brought forward for many different things still all are going through their personal adaptation to the new vibrational frequency.  It is all about becoming the One you are.

The empowered you has the understanding to be living from within and manifesting the connections from within with all that is in the new reality called sometimes 5D or new paradigm, or new earth.
It is becoming clear your heart-source connecting and your growth out of duality with still its complications how to deal with polarities in your life, your surroundings and on multidimensional level is important.
Some still struggle to get out of the old patterns, dogmas, beliefs and create even believed to be new structures that are just old structures in a new jacket.  It is indeed not easy to create the new if there is no template anymore available to mould your things on.
It is really new and the search in this makes that all sorts of solutions in variations are popping  up everywhere.  It will all as said settle and find its place or even find common ground to create a new or merge things together.  The only thing you can certain is continuous change in the moment of Now.
In groups or individually making change happen is great. Do  not forget to be not going into polarity and separation or division.  It is easily done by intent or motive or even  sometimes unconscious.  Be aware.  Do not let you guide you by the energies and the concepts of the past.
Feel what is right for you and learn to tackle the upcoming tests in polarity that are still crossing your personal borders.  See that you can handle it if you are in the right perception.  Know also that you create your reality now. Your thoughts and actions and what you consciously want for you and the new paradigm are now very  important.
Keep focus on the oneness within and the neutrality instead of the polarity. See nothing is wrong or right as all just IS.
Love and light,
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