Thursday, September 26, 2013

The energy coming to the planet now is transformational ~ as received by Ishante

(Méline: I want to introduce you all to this message as it resonated with me and have received the same.  The one who has received this, wishes to stay unknown for now but has given me permission to share)

Original given on: 31 March, 2013 by Ishante

It is a great pleasure to connect with you Ishante. Let us discuss 2012 and the grand date – 21st of December 2012. Much was prophesised. It was the end of 4 great cycles, and a return to balance for earth and her people.

The energy coming to the planet now is transformational, and many are feeling the shift. However, there is also a lot of confusion for some of the earth’s people who still resonate with an aspect of fear. Many expected cataclysmic events, and when they did not happen were left wondering why and what’s next.

Still others were expecting to leave this Earth in a mass ascension event, and wake up on the 22nd of December in a different place. A place of beauty and light where only love prevails.

And then there is you Ishante, and many like who know in their heart of hearts that the shift did indeed happen, but feel lost in the void of ‘in-between.’

We are here to support you and all of the earth’s people at this time. We bring a message that the Earth has indeed shifted into what you and others would term 5D. To move to it, which many of you have and do from moment to moment requires a heartfelt understanding that you are not here or there, you are here AND there. You walk in between worlds, and will continue to do so until such time as all of humanity makes the shift. You have chosen as a collective consciousness to ascend together, or not at all.
Your task is to understand and bring heaven to Earth from within, to align with the resonance of love and selflessness, and to understand that each one of you is a divine spark of all that is. You are one, there is no separation.

You will know when you are walking in 5D. The world and sun will seem vibrant, and brighter. Life will flow with a certain sense of ease and fluidity, and you feel in your heart the difference.

Each time you listen to your heart, and trust the intelligence of your heart you will be walking in 5D. Ground and hold onto it now so that others can walk this path with you too.
From here as the Earth continues its re-calibration into this 5D frequency, several things will occur. Many of you will experience a rising up of old karma, and distortions in your energy field so that this can be cleared. Some of you will find that old issues will once again rise to the surface to be dealt with. Others may experience depression, apathy and in some instances dis-ease. You will become more forgetful as you begin to live more in the present moment, and time will appear to collapse in on itself and speed up.

For many of you this adjustment period can be very disconcerting, and we wish to remind you of the importance of keeping well hydrated and eating healthful foods.
As you sleep at night much work is done energetically to prepare your nervous system and body for this higher pulsating energy. This will continue throughout 2013.

Although collectively as a species you have made a decision to ascend together with the Earth, this is still a free will zone. Therefore some of you may decide to continue your 3D experiences a little longer elsewhere in other planetary systems outside of this galaxy, and that is fine. There are no judgements as each one of us is evolving together as one.
Still others, who have been seeded here from other star systems is our great Milky Way Galaxy for the distinct purpose of participating in this great shift, may decide that it is time for them to finally journey home.

What we are trying to say Ishante, is that there will be a series of events or Earth changes that may culminate in what some would see as great destruction and disaster. This is only how it appears when not viewing it from a multidimensional perspective. There are no victims, and nothing to fear.

When some of these events occur, we ask you to hold your centre, remember these words and do not fear. All is as it should be.
Blessings dear one.


  1. First, they promised that there will be no major destruction, then telling us we did not raise our enegeries high enough to allow Ascension to take place. And now, they are telling us great destruction and disaster will take place soon. I so wish they are here on Earth in human incarnation bodies now too - to feel the suffering and pain we went through and looking forward to these destructive events in the near future. I am sick with them.

    1. Hi dear Piperon, it is not said that there will be distruction it is said that it will only appear for those who live in fear and don't see it from the multidimensional aspect " quote: What we are trying to say Ishante, is that there will be a series of events or Earth changes that MAY culminate in what some WOULD SEE AS great destruction and disaster. This is only how it appears when not viewing it from a multidimensional perspective. There are no victims, and NOTHING TO FEAR."

      So if one wishes to see things as disaster adn allow it to be that way, than it will. If one does adress it with the heart, without fear, he/she will see what beautiful changes and unfoldings they are to bring the change.

      much love to you, Méline ♥

  2. Thanks beloved Meline,

    Thanks for the clarification, I know where you and they are coming from but the pain and suffering of the human race are not what illusional to them. Of course, it is easy to say it from their perspective but if they embodied these human bodies and causing so much pain and suffering, I don't think they will say this causing they are not the one who are suffering from all these now. I am gladful to them sending us these hopeful messages but when thing doesn't change in the frontline, the dragging still goes on and people continues to suffer financially and physically.

    May the LOVE be with you always.
    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer -

  3. Much Love to you too dear Piperon.. There is only pain if we cause it ourselves.. yes there is discomfort felt within the physical bodies as we are transforming them into something new and more of Light, which has never been done before. Pain is always up to the person itself to be experienced or not as the person choses to take pain for real and as a reality. Nobody causes pain beside of yourself, as you allow it to be felt within. i know it sounds easy talk, but different in reality but still it is your own reality that shall decide wether you will experience this or not. I know many are suffering right now, but it helps them to turn the weel over and see that there are others ways than suffering. We cannot wait anymore as Gaia has moved on and we are along with her as we continue this path. Love is always the best medicine to all and soon everyone will become to understand that. Thank you for your replies by the way, truly appreciate you by heart ♥