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Emmanuel Dagher ~ August Energy Forecast ~ The Powerful Influx of Light

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The Powerful Influx of Light   

August 2016

Hi my friend,
How have you been feeling the past several weeks?
The Intense Energies
The month of July left many empaths and sensitive souls feeling disheartened, confused, and defeated.
On the surface, this might seem like it has to do with the chaos going on in the world, which is constantly delivered to us via media outlets that incite trauma, shock, and fear.
But even if you are not someone who pays close attention to the world’s state of affairs, you’ve probably noticed that you have not felt like your usual self lately.

Why is that?
That is happening because along with the turbulence happening in the world right now, a great deal is coming up internally within us.
This is a direct result of the influx of Light being downloaded into our solar system—and into every cell, fiber, and molecule of our inner and outer being.
This powerful Light is coming directly from Source Energy, with no filters or fillers.
A Powerful Influx of Light
The current high influx of Light is setting a precedent, because never before in human history have we seen this much higher Light come in at one time.
And the reason for that, is that we just could not have handled it before now.
The heartening news is that Source Energy/our Higher Self only gives us what it knows we can handle.
So although it feels like we are being stretched thin or tested in a major way at this time, it’s all part of a Divine Plan that is aligned with our highest and greatest good.
The intention of this Divine Plan is to restore harmony, peace, and sacred balance in the Universe.
When this much Light washes over our planet, deeply buried emotions, thoughts, actions, and patterns come to the surface to be addressed.
Once these things are addressed, we then have the opportunity to learn valuable lessons that help us expand and evolve, both personally and as a global family.
If you are being challenged at this time, you may be feeling disheartened or drained, either emotionally or because you are being triggered by what’s going on in the world right now.
You can move things along more quickly, by asking yourself the following questions:
  • What valuable lessons am I meant to receive from reacting this way to this experience?
  • When was the first time I felt triggered by something similar to this experience?
  •  Is my reaction something new? Or does it feel familiar, as if I’ve reacted this way many times before?
  • How does it serve me to react this way?
  • What would my life look like if I reacted in a different way, that feels more expansive and productive?
The answers may not come right away.
But the simple act of asking these kinds of questions begins to affect the neurowaves in the brain, shifting our thoughts from autopilot to thinking outside the box.
In simple terms, we are changing our internal dialogue, so we don’t remain fixed in a mindset that keeps us on a mental hamster wheel.
That hamster wheel includes habitual thoughts that express fear, worry, lack, blame, judgment, and separation.
When we help the mind to think outside its usual mix, we get off that wheel.
We then open ourselves up to receive higher insight and wisdom that comes straight from our Higher Self, and from the powerful Light pouring into human consciousness at this time.
Preparing for the New
When we move through a high influx of Light as we are now, and we take that initial step of addressing the deeply buried emotions, thoughts, actions, and patterns that have been holding us back from living our greatest reality, the next step is usually an energetic cleanse.
This is why things have felt really challenging lately. We’ve simultaneously been experiencing a powerful energetic cleanse, just as we are starting to address the things we’re being asked to let go of.
Whether or not we choose to address these unconscious patterns and habits that are no longer for our highest good, the cleanse has nevertheless been in full effect.
The great news is that after a cleanse is complete, we always have the opportunity for a fresh start. And we are getting very close to entering this next phase, where we can start anew.
Before a new start begins, many of us will feel guided to see old friends we have not seen in a very long time.
Some of us feel a pull to visit the hometown or area we grew up in, which we may have left a long time ago.
This pull can also draw us to geographical locations and vortex points we may not have been to before in this lifetime, but knew in a previous lifetime.
Others will feel guided to resolve any unfinished business from their past.
If you are feeling a pull to do any of these things, then you are at the tail end of your cleansing cycle, and are about to enter your New Beginning.
The World Unites
On August 5, 2016, the Summer Olympic Games will begin.
The Olympics were originally created with the intention of promoting comradery, good sportsmanship, and excellence.
Over the years, the energies have evolved to create a global unity grid, bringing the world together in a peaceful way, to show that through teamwork, dedicated practice, and camaraderie, anything is possible.
For several weeks in August, countries around the world will be putting aside their differences and walking together as “One Family.”
This is big, and always creates a major boost in elevating the consciousness of humanity.
During the Olympic games, billions of people around the world will unite.
This unified field will soften our hearts to receive and anchor the higher Light of Source Energy, so that we can then move into our fresh new beginnings.
If you’ve been going through a challenging time, know that things will start to ease up for you soon.
Just remember to breathe, and take time to enjoy the magic life has to offer. Birds still chirp in the morning, and the wind still blows a beautiful breeze.
And though it may not always appear to be so, all is well.
Till next time,
Peace and progress,
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