Monday, August 15, 2016

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Connections with Guides

Beloved Tribe,

Below you will find an excerpt from one of my skype sessions with a client and friend which adresses the topic of connections with guides and as to why at a certain point it is not felt so much as you used to.  Dave has written down what I have channeled during this session and has asked me to share this part of his session with you all as he felt it would benefit the collective.  Right he is because I see this question passing by in readings so many times. May this be of assistance on that matter.

Take care of yourselves and enjoy these times <3
Love, Méline

Lady Portia / Meline - from a skype reading:
You have questions about the connections with Us, as co-Master Beings such as yourself?

Do not worry precious heart, for the connection now resides within you. As you experience the deeper nature of Gaia and yourself and the merging with the many Beings you have experienced. It is the same with the connections. What you once perceived as outside of you has now become an internal knowing; Thus, to derive information, is no longer to be telepathically speaking to one another, or asking for signs or information. It is to dive within and be with your Being and experience the exchange of the energies that are given to you. And so yes, you are connected, even more profoundly then before. It is also thy perceptions that have changed, as you say, you are stepping more out of your identity: we say yes! As you step out of the identity on itself, identity becomes non-existent; so the Beings you see as Us are no longer an identity either; but we are a group consciousness, like a cloud of energy mingled and merged; and as you are a part of that, there is no fixated point; there is no linear time; there is no A-to-B, there is no identity, there is the experience of all and nothing at the same time.

By being human for many decades and lifetimes, it has become habit to work with outside sources, to perceive outside things, to derive from outside things; and even though you are conscious of that, it is this transition to that knowing and embodying that knowing, that is going on as we speak, that brings up challenges or doubts or questions; and it is all part of the path of illumination!

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  1. Thank you Dave for sharing that. For months now,when someone would ask who did you speak(vibrationally) to today, I'd say I dont know it feels different more of a group consciousness not so much an individual. Wasn't sure why the change but this gives me some insight...and confirmation from another being in human form is always so nice! Thank you both so much for blogging this.