Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Walking Terra Christa ~ USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Lightworkers Did Not See It Coming

Walking Terra christa Academy of New Earth Mastery

Raising Vibration is More Than Was Thought

For many years Walking Terra Christa has taught over and over that in order to Raise Vibration one has to first BECOME a Higher Frequency Within.
The vibrational teachings from the ASCENDED MASTERS and SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY within the UNIFIED WHOLE that we put out from 2012 through 2016 were enthusiastically accepted but only by a very small percentage of Lightworkers.
Conversely the vast majority of Lightworkers focused diligently to read and follow channeled transmission that encouraged them to just BE the Light and Love, to just become a CONSCIOUSNESS of higher frequencies INSTEAD of creating an actual change within the PHYSICAL self.
Becoming the CHANGE one desires to see in the WORLD cannot be accomplished by just listening and reading about HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Due to the wide circulation of these many overly optimistic channeled messages that left out this crucial distinction about how to actually raise vibration, very few LIGHTWORKERS could come to understand it is a LEARNING PROCESS of working within the SOUL’S PSYCHOLOGY on REMOVING anything within them that is NOT Light and Love by using the RAYS OF GOD.
This is one reason among many as to WHY so many Lightworkers were so surprised with the outcome of the USA Presidential Election. Over the years they gained a perspective that they were creating HIGHER VIBRATION when in fact the REALITY for that condition to actually be created was NOT occurring.
It can no longer be claimed that the NEW EARTH of a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL frequency EXISTS as many channels have claimed.
This ELECTION OUTCOME is a HUGH wake up call for Lightworkers to now seek TRUE teachings on how to bring in higher frequencies of light.
To effect the significantly required CHANGE on this EARTH, the ASCENDED MASTERS are asking ALL Lightworkers to ENGAGE in a HONEST assessment of their INNER PROGRESS toward RAISING THEIR VIBRATION.
We are sharing the three teachings we held this week to assist everyone to restore balance given the very disruptive energies of this week. All of these teachings speak to the energies of this election and the role Lightworkers MUST aquire. These teachings effect the MULTI-DIMENSIONAL self including the Soul. They are NOT like a typical channeled teaching as they include Divine Light Language Codessm.
If you feel these audio recordings ASSIST you, PLEASE support this work with a year end donation so we can hold more teachings that DO create a HIGHER VIBRATION within each individual Lightworker who participates. Please share this information widely at this most important time on earth.
Please click the following links to listen or download the audio recordings.
NOVEMBER 12, 2016 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE WITH LORD SANANDA, WHALES AND DOLPHINS – BAND TOGETHER IN BEING THE LIGHT – POST USA ELECTION ENERGIES ~ As the USA and the World are being deeply affected by the outcome of the USA Presidential Election, we connect to the Web of Light to extend the higher energies through ourselves and into the earth. Lord Sanada and Lord Ashtar bring forth their assistance including the vibrational essence of the Divine Light Language Code(sm) before we connect to the Dolphin and Whale communities to fully complete the circle of higher energies.
NOVEMBER 9, 2016 ~ NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS CIRCLE OF LIGHT – SPECIAL VISIT TO TELOS FOR THE OUTCOME OF THE USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION with LORD ADAMA and LORD SAINT GERMAIN ~ Due to the disruptions caused by the unexpected and even shocking results of the Presidential Election, we change the format of the teaching to etherically visit TELOS. Both Lord Adama and Lord Saint Germain bring forth the higher perspective of understanding about the election and what it means for Lightworkers.
NOVEMBER 7, 2016 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS – SPECIAL TEACHING FOR THE USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ENERGIES with the GODDESS OF LIBERTY, AA MICHAEL and DIVINE MOTHER FATHER GOD AS THE COSMIC GREAT CENTRAL SUN ~ We make a special visit to the TEMPLE OF THE SUN which is etherically over the area of Manhattan, New York, in North America, USA. This is the temple of the GODDESS OF LIBERTY and she brings in her blessing. Lord Michael comes forth to assist as well. We male this visit it to help ground the higher frequencies of Light into the East Coast area to support the energies and ideals for which the temple stands to direct the best outcome for the highest good into the election process. We then bring these energies into the CLARION TEMPLE.
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