Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Méline Lafont ~ Energy healing for Children on remote or in person.e

This session has a duration around 1 hour and is done on remote or in person. NDL and ENG
In these children's energy healing what is most important to focus upon is their reality and how they live it/see it/perceive it. These new World children are SPECIAL and require special needs and inmense attention. In these energy healings my main focus is to help hem and support them energetically in their own Being and world of living. I ask the Higher Self to show me what is important to know, pass on and assist with. A lot of children need balance and support in order to be able and just function in this world, or remove some old and projected layers, family issues because of not being understood... I always address this very professional and confidential. The main aim is to suppor them in their personal journey.

Theis session includes the following:
* cleansing aura, chakras, main channel and physical body
* Focussing on energy blockages, inner processes, the personal reality and perception of the child, school issues, bringing in balance, helping to ground and addapt to this world.
* 1 hour energy healing session on remote (in total)

What is the added value of this type of healing session?
* this can be done on remote or in person
* The child is being supported while respecting it's own Being and path
* Short feedback given after the healing through email
* The child it's needs are heared and responded to

Sessions are done in English and Dutch.

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