Sunday, July 16, 2017

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ From Your Hostess of Light

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As time unwinds itself like an 8-track tape we all find ourselves up the emotional creek without a paddle or a compass.  We look face to face with our deepest fears, blocks and human so-called weaknesses, as we enter the summer Initiations. The month of July is one of the most powerful months of the year donning costumes and teachings that only a wizard could wear. Everything is asking us to show more light, show more love, show more passion in our undertakings. We have become willy nilly of purpose floating like a jelly fish filled with seaweed entangled thoughts. We have always looked outside of ourselves for answers now we must march to the mad hatters summer beat and go down a few magical rabbit holes, white holes and deep dark black holes in order to secede from the union of who we once thought we were and who we are now destined to be. Our mission, our divine orders have molted as restructuring is assumed.  All the cloaks of invisibility that we have worn thru time now crumble at our feet, spreading themselves across many a mud puddle. This summer we renew our vows with the light, with Earth, with fulfillment. We are asked to let go of the need to change the landscape of another’s learning sequence and first sweep in front of our own cosmic porch which is littered with our own emotional debris and what needs to be loved into a new form. We jump on any excuse to avoid doing what is on our bucket and to do list.  We scamper off like a puppy at a moment’s notice.  We are all running low on emotional energies, like a sweeper that needs plugged in. we get a little life and juice and then we feel drained again. There is a great resistance on the planet to moving toward the eclipses and power days of July and August. Most just want to hide in the sand or an emotional cave. Like vapors from the temple of Delphi and the oracles of old, we cannot escape the next learnings as they are absorbed into every cell of our being, opening passages of old memories. The body bucks the system creating biological fears that come to the surface. We all feel like a part of us is dying, and the humanness gains momentum in fear, creating a cycle of the immune system dropping causing dis-ease whether imaginary or real. When any part of your body mind and soul goes into distress whether from solar flares, family flares, or just plain old stress and worry, immediately send light into that area. Treat it like a scared child and ask what is the matter, what can I do, what is this related to/ past/present future?

Use the healing mantra below  to help you clear this summer


Spirit please locate the origin of my /pain/ feeling/thought/ about (insert the feeling or belief or pain/ disease  you want to release here)___________________. Take each and every level, layer, and aspect of my being to this origin. Analyze and resolve it perfectly, with Gods truth. Come forward in time healing every incident based upon the foundation of the first, according to God's will: until I'm at the present filled with light and truth, peace and love, forgiveness for myself forgiveness of every person place circumstance and event which contributed to this feeling/thought. With total forgiveness and unconditional love I delete the old from my DNA release it and let it go Now! I feel (insert the way you want to feel here)_____________.  I allow every physical mental emotional and spiritual problem based on the old feelings to quickly disappear!

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