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Lord Adama shares some guidelines of learning how to ground the higher spiritual energies by accessing the Pink Flame which is the 3rd Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence. He gives practical advice for individuals to understand and apply tools for Ascension Mastery Training. Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden is an Integrative Channel accessing the highest level of spiritual understanding through Lord Adama.

Aluna, Aluna  Aluna – Greetings My Dearest Ones,
It is wonderful to be with you once again. I Am Lord Adama with the Councils of Light of Agartha.
Now that the energies from Wesak are starting to really come within each of you there are great changes that are being created into humanity along with the Pink Flame Infusion.
I know that all of you are being challenged by the light frequencies that have been coming in through Helios and Vesta, the Solar energies that is really igniting the Pink Flame through the planet as it is assisting every awakened individual to fully allow their physical self to experience these energies. I know most of you, if not all, have been deeply affected in the last week and previous to that time. This is all part of the experience of Wesak but I know that this year is even more substantially challenging because what is occurring.

We have to remember that this year represents Oneness. The question is how will humanity step into Oneness?

Is it just going to happen by bringing forth these energetic exchanges into each person so that they can be changed?

Well, that is part of the process but the other part is what do you do with it?

How do you know what you experienced for Wesak?

How are you able to ascertain the changes you are going through and what it represents for you from your Higher Mind.

These are the questions that every Initiate asks themselves especially the ones that are in the lower initiations and may not be able to ascertain what is occurring from the highest perspective into the physical self.
This is because the physical self is not fully developed with the Higher Mind, it is not ready to receive the Spiritual Self into the pure existence that it can be. Within that are doubts, frustrations, anxieties, sadness, and depression, to name just a few. As a result of those energies, the body has to fully accept the higher light frequencies within the physical self. It is at these stages that the cellular structure starts to change. It becomes more crystalline and when that occurs, what can happen is the individual can receive more light frequencies within their awareness.
If you are an initiate that is not tapped into the sensitivity of your physical self, you may not be aware of what is truly happening to you in this process. If you are feeling dizziness, light headedness and tingling that comes from inside your system and goes through your bodily structure, this is a good thing. It does not mean that it is negative.
What it does mean that your body is being put in a space of receiving the downloads of the higher frequency within your cellular structure. So it is not just coming into your emotional body to give you the depression or the tears, or the mental body having anxieties or fears, it is truly coming into the physical self so that the carbon-based energies of your cells comes to change into a higher light quotient.

The process with all of this is, how do you hold it within you? How do you get through this process?

The best way you can do so is to connect in your meditations. Find time to have the quiet moments within your breath to sustain your body with healthy foods, with pure waters, vegetables, with grains that are healthy for you bringing the vibration of your physical self to the level of your spiritual self.
If you are already doing this and still feeling those energies effecting you as you may have felt last week because of the surge of the light which was very strong. It is now settled more into Gaia. It is imperative to allow grounding to occur within you.
To bring forth the elements of grounding in the full body structure. it does not matter where you are in your initiation phases; you can be in the planetary ascension, or the cosmic levels. It depends upon your purpose and within your Higher Self Essence, you know this purpose, but only doing it within your physical self you will not able to tap into the Higher Mind as easily it can be quite confusing. What will happen is your Mental Mind will try to understand what is occurring in the process. You have to let that go and allow the process of the interlocking of energies that is coming within your physical self to happen as they may, to allow these frequencies of light to assist you so that you are not in a state of turmoil consistently.
I know through the past couple of months it has been extremely high. We, in Telos and the Agarthian Cities, are also feeling these frequencies of light. If you not used to feeling these type of energies, it is going to affect you even more. If you are used to being in your Mental Mind, trying to analyze and figure out what is occurring, then that is going to send you into that swirling of energies.
It is imperative to realize within yourself to allow the balancing state to happen.

So how do you create balance within yourself?

Well, if you are emotionally distraught you must allow the Pink Flame to come stronger into your Heart Essence. Eventually you will get to the point that it will become softer for you and you may go through different phases of this acceleration. Then, the process of going into the deeper part of your Mental Mind so that your Higher Mind becomes more accessible, your Super Conscious, in those subconscious thoughts and feeling the blessing of this experience will truly open up the gateway for you to experiencing these energies in a different way for your full-body system. Then, of course, the Physical Self will accept this energetic exchange within you physically, grounding yourself, helping yourself within these energies.
All of us are being challenged but those of you in the lower initiations and on the planetary initiations are going to be hit the hardest as your bodies are not used to accepting these energies. The more you allow yourself to receive it, to surrender through this process, the easier it will become. When you fight the process, that is when it becomes more difficult to really get through the gateway of accepting the new essence that is bestowed upon you from your Higher Self.
I share all this information because in the last week there has been a lot of information coming out, channels, or people just talking about what is occurring through this process. Some of the thoughts are, “Just sitting there and receiving the energies is all one needs to do”.
We know that is all untrue. Each of you as that individual must acknowledge what is occurring within you. The only way you will do so is allowing your Higher Self to assist, each of the Ascended Beings to assist you by being in the breath – getting into the deeper consciousness, into the higher consciousness to get out of the mindset of the third dimensional mind that will deter you from this process.
The 3rd dimensional construct that is within you will tell you that something is wrong with you, that you need to go to the doctor, that you are picking up an illness from someone else, that it is about being too sensitive to the dark energies. In truth, this is not what is occurring. You may be sensitive to those lower forms of energy, but you must realize the potential of what is occurring within you. You must look at your emotional feeling, your mental thoughts, and realize the potential of your physical body going through a transformation that will assist you to move more fully into the anti-aging process.
The other element that will assist you when there is too much light quotient coming in and your body cannot handle it, is to ask Master Vywamus (Cosmic Master) to assist you, to slow it down as it is too much for your bodily system, but to look at what is occurring in your Emotional and Mental bodies. Let it come up – go deeper with the emotions.
This is what happens with the Pink Flame; it is going to bring up those energies that you need to address so that you no longer have them. You have to understand that your Etheric Body – your Soul Body of Light – is igniting these energies into the other parts of your four body system. Into your emotions, into your thoughts, and into your physical sensations. Until the Etheric Body can be fully healed, to be that Soul Body of Light as the I Am Presence that it is, these occurrences will happen.
It is important to understand within yourself how to take care of yourself through this process. Sometimes it might just be slight but most times it is a meditation along with your sleep process, working within the Rays of God, your breathwork within your chakras, and attuning yourself to a higher level so you do not feel it as much. Also, grounding yourself will assist tremendously. But how do you do so?
Grounding is essential within the physical body. You have to move the body even at the times it is most crucial and you feel like you cannot do anything but sit. Sometimes that is all you need to do – breathe and sit allowing the energies to come through you then the intensity will subside.
Walking, or exercise, maybe if you can run; and if you are to able to do so, only for 20 minutes. It is essential to help you to move those energies through you and to bring you into a higher state of acceptance. Bringing the focus of the four body system becoming the higher bodies. That is exactly what is occurring for everyone on the planet. The Pink Flame is powerful and I think humanity is realizing (those that can do so consciously) of what the potential of  Pink Flame and what it is doing.
The other five flames that have been previously grounded within the Earth have not been felt as strongly as this flame except maybe the Crystalline Flame. There is an intensity of energies that are being integrated into the planet, into the core of Gaia and into the core of each of you to help process the dark elements that need to be addressed. I can’t emphasize this the way I would like to do so. Not to each of you but to those individuals on this planet who do not realize the potential – this is why many people are not doing what they are supposed to be doing – do not move out of the 3rd dimensional construct. They need to move into the 5th Dimensional Divine Intent and realize the potential of these energies assisting them to go deeper within themselves, but everyone must change their subconscious thoughts which directly are related to the emotional feelings.
This process that has occurred was to assist everyone for the Festivals of Light in the past three months, especially Wesak and the Festival of Humanity. If you do not understand what you experienced for Wesak, even at this point within your Higher Consciousness, even if it a fleeting thought, it is that thought coming from your Higher Mind coming into your physical consciousness to say,
“This is the way that I want to be in my life. I no longer want to exist with that anger, I don’t want to exist with that insecurity, I don’t want to exist in not being able to take care of myself and not having the ability to love others at the same time in a healthy manner.”
As to learn to work within the Pink Flame, it will really assist each of you to understand within yourself the 12 elements that represent Creative and Active Intelligence represented by the 3rd Ray.
These twelve elements represent the characteristics of the Pink Flame: Compassion, Tolerance, Devotion, Connection to the Higher Mind, Using Your Pure Heart Energy, and Utilizing Common Sense through all of your bodily systems which will bring forth the Power of Manifestation, the Power to Evolve and Create moving towards Mental Illumination from your Higher Mind the be the main focus of your Physical Mind. As a result, you will have Perseverance through this process. You will bring forth Clear Mindedness meaning that your Lower Mind becomes much more clearer, much more pure because you are allowing your Higher Mind to work within you.
Then, it brings forth the Power to Produce. This is what this ray represents – Creativity. This is understanding the process of Creative Intelligence as it is represented by the Flame of Adoration.
You may not understand everything you are experiencing, but if you can tap into your meditation within your breath of your Higher Essence, or asking before you go to sleep to receive confirmation of what you are trying to ground within yourself.
So many times on these levels your Higher Self is giving the tools to work through these energies, but if you are intolerant within your Masculine Self and don’t allow the enfoldment of the energies to occur, then you are going to be fumbling. You are going to be creating lessons that will be very challenging for you.
It is very, very important to allow the flow of ideas and the movement of the energies to come unto you, to really take time for silence and to ask before you go to sleep. You can also write a letter to your Higher Self or any of the Beings of the Pink Flame (Master Paul the Venetian, Elohim Heros & Amora, and Archangels Chamuel & Charity) to assist you in this process.
I understand that this time is not easy to go through this process because the acceleration of the earth and the energies, because everything is moving faster than it has before. So each of you that are trying to ground this energy are going to be affected the most. But if you can have compassion, the ability to be tolerant, and to have patience with yourself through the process, you will understand what I am saying on a much deeper level.
I thank you for being on this journey with all of us.
Aluna, Aluna, Aluna
I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos
Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden
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