Monday, March 19, 2018

Méline Portia Lafont guest on special equinox Show with Paige Hall ~ New Earth Radio Network

Precious hearts,
Beloved Tribe,

I invite you to join myself and Paige Hall in a conscious soulsis to soulsis conversation on the New Earth Radio Network Equinox special. I am honored and excited to be invited again at beautiful Paige her radio show. We will discuss current energies of the Equinox, the Event, Masters and Angels, Multidimensional healing and other things. Come and join our beautiful energy and make it even more beautiful with your Presence <3 We would Love to have you with us.

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NOW is the time for us to fully embrace UNITY Consciousness & to Co-Create from withIN the Infinite flow of who WE really are & why WE are here. The purpose of this radio show is to provide vibrational awareness & ascension guidance for living as ONE on NEW Earth. WE walk our talk with Love, Light, Grace & Integrity. Welcome to the manifestation of NOW.

Together WE Rise Up as One!

You + Me = WE ♥

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About Paige:

I have been a professional, certified Life Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner, since 1999. I am also a Spiritual Medium & Clairvoyant and throughout this life, I have been a clear channel for the Celestial Beings of Light and for Spirit. In addition, I am a New Earth Consciousness Teacher, Crystal Messenger & Energy Specialist. Most of all, I AM devoted as a Gridworker, Conduit & Guide and carry within a torch for our Conscious Awakening as One Unity Consciousness.

Paige is my birth name. My first spoken English word as a child was "HI"! Not the usual replication of Mama or Dada. As a dolphin incarnate, I anchor the higher frequencies from every civilization formed on Earth and beyond, from my home planet and star. My current incarnation is known as Ama-RA-Lia, a Lemurian Goddess of the Sea bringing forth Fertility and Abundance, Love and Nurturing, Birth and Rebirth. I AM a fusion of Ama the Great Mother (of which Isis and Mary became a physical embodiment); RA the Sun God – a child of the SUN; and Lia which means to bring forth glad tidings / good news. Ama-RA-Lia is a visionary, looking deeply in the depths of the human psyche having been aware of its manifestation throughout millennia of incarnations through the rising of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis. My teachings are here to assist HUmanity with looking deep within themselves to bring forth high heart and soul unification in order to live genuine, authentic lives in harmony with those around us, whilst contributing to the planetary and galactic alignments for Unity consciousness for a New Earth.

I was blessed to study alongside my biggest teacher, Terrie (T), who was my birth mother in this life. She was an exceptional clairvoyant & medium, crystal healer, spiritual counselor and assistant pastor of the Spiritualist Church. When she transitioned to Spirit in 1999, she then became my Master Guide from the other side of the veil, teaching me and reminding me of what I knew and also had learned from White Eagle, Jesus (Yeshua), Mother Mary, the Sisterhood of the Rose & the Great White Brotherhood. To this moment, 19 linear years of her crossing, she continues to watch over and guide me. I have also studied with and earned advanced certifications from several master teachers such as Doreen Virtue, Cheryl Richardson, Lisa Williams, Gregg Braden, Anrita Melchizedek, and Cherokee Shaman David Singingbear. I Am a Delegate of the Resonance Academy, a Graduate of DR Robert Morse's International Detoxification University and the Clayton School of Natural Health. Furthermore, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Graduate degree in Women's Communication, and I am a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Training with Master Teachers has greatly enhanced my service work and my own growth here. However, I can truly say with heartfelt honesty, that most of my Knowing is from my Soul's Embodiment & Remembering of Ancient times, and past lives, and my in-depth awareness of the multi-dimensions, & the Cosmic Beyond. As I merge with my Higher Aspects of Self and become even more integrated with IN, I have also received guidance and many messages from Jesus, the Archangels Metatron, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, the Andromedian Council of Light, many Christed ET's, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, the Dolphin Collective, the Crystal Kingdom & my precious Spirit Guides & Guardians. Each day brings another revealing on our path of Ascension and I AM devoted to sharing Divine Love and Light with ALL.

For over 27 years I have assisted Humans on the journey back to Wholeness by utilizing my Awakened extra sensory & telepathic abilities via readings, various holistic healing modalities, coaching and spiritual guidance. I offer a wide variety of services such as Lightbody Integration & DNA re-programming, energy clearings, sound healing, personalized crystal grids and elixirs, Divine Ray healing & chakra readings, Reiki healing, Soul & Crystal Readings, holistic life coaching, detoxification programs, and spiritual development mentoring. I offer workshops for Practical Ascension and Spiritual Unfoldment, Crystal Vibrations, Conscious Eating, Raising Vibrations for living in the Fifth Dimension & for all levels of Reiki Certification. I am also the Founder & Host of a New Earth Radio Network and have had the honor to co-create with many gifted lightworkers, teachers, wayshowers and forerunners for this new Golden Age of Light.

I truly know that WE are ALL students, teachers, and doers. We are continuously evolving and here for great things. Thinking or Being small is not in your cosmic plan here on Earth. Our time is Now and there is no more reason to hold yourself back any longer. I am here to assist with Remembering Who you are & why WE are here.

About Méline:

Méline Lafont is a lightworker living in Belgium, Europe. She is a full time single mom of 3 children in the Earthly vessel performing the Multidimensional tasks as a Contactee, Gatekeeper and Ascension guide birthed through the Violet Ray. One of her tasks is to serve and to embody what she represents in order to assist fellow travelers of Light in this community of Oneness and Love. She works with Master Saint Germain as her Divine companion as well as with the Ascended Master realms and the Pleiadians because these are an intrinsic part of her journey, service work and Being. Méline provides messages, activations, Light language, courses, tools and energy service work that assists you with the re-alignment with your SELF which is done by offering a key to inner work and re-awakening, which is YOU. With a little "push" she guides you to where you need to be at this time in a most clear and loving way.

Méline stands for Transformation as her signature, providing you the necesarry keys and energies which can assist you in your transformation process in this NOW moment. This age of Aquarius is a Golden Era but also a paradigm of Transformation on every level and on every facet you can imagine, even beyond. She brings you knowledge from her inner Being, gained insights, personal experiences and inner wisdom through various formats. This includes the energy frequencies and intell from the Galactics and Master Beings from the Multidimensional Levels of Light and Source.

As a conduit and contactee she holds the frequency of a Gatekeeper to help and assist Humanity to embody their own Source Presence of Light within their current vehicles to transform into the Light Body Merkaba or the Vehicle of Christ Light and Solar Christ consciousness on the level that is possible. She is a representative and emissary of the Pleiadian/Sirian Light with the blueprint of the Ascended Master Template. She receives energies/light frequencies/geometries and tones from the Higher Dimensions which are translated through the Human vessel and Heart as clear as possible into words, light language and Key codes (Symbolic drawings).

She is a certified energy healer (Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing Basic, Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki) and a blogger, teacher, author who provides readings, energy healings, courses, meditations, tools, video guidance, audio activations, light language and guidance. You can find free tools and guidance through her messages and youtube videos so subscribe to these channels if you wish to receive this updated guidance at all times. She also has some audios and Ebooks available for free to support your Transformation and Ascension process.

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