Monday, March 19, 2018

The Mirror of Relationship | Krishnamurti


This is an excerpt from a talk given by J. Krishnamurti, a philosopher, writer, and speaker.

"I think we are apt to forget that our society, the culture in which we live, which has conditioned us, is the result of human endeavor, conflict, human misery, and suffering. Each one of us is that culture; the community is each one of us - we are not separate from it. To feel this, not as an intellectual idea or a concept, but to actually feel the reality of this, one has to go into the question of what is relationship; because our life, our existence is based on relationship. Life is a movement in relationship. If we do not understand what is implied in relationship, we inevitably not only isolate ourselves, but create a society in which human beings are divided, not only nationally, religiously, but also in themselves and therefore they project what they are into the outer world.

I do not know if you have gone into this question deeply for yourself, to find out if one can live with another in total harmony, in complete accord, so that there is no barrier, no division, but a feeling of complete unity. Because relationship means to be related - not in action, not in some project, not in an ideology - but to be totally united in the sense that the division, the fragmentation between individuals, between two human beings, does not exist at all at any level."

J. Krishnamurti
2nd Public Talk in New York, 1971

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