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Lucas – The Sharing Part – The Caring Part – Oneness In Duality – 4 September 2013

320px-Bell_pepper_cut_apartLots of our lives are now being mangled in the just being in two spaces at the same time. The on  space  is  the being in your old paradigm life confronted with all the issues and burdens but also beauty in that space and moment of the now.  The other space is in being the almighty you that can feel it is part of the one that has abilities beyond measure and is strong and already being in latent 5D.
This living in between is like the bi-location  of being in two places or multidimensional experiences of the now at the now. It is like feeling between you in your grounded earthly body and that is floating in the outer body experience.  It is like living duality in an other way again on different levels at one time.  The issues still for now do not go away.

We all are just in process of being transforming from our human perceived 3D selves in our newly to perceive 5D vibrational energetic god-like selves. It is therefore difficult to see that some shut out the others that still are fully perceiving the 3D human even when not being in 3D anymore since 21 December 2012.
I keep an open space for those not yet able to get the whole energetic vibrational do it yourself  and manifest experience. As I experience the in between also. It is harsh and hard that people ignore the question of help or support to others as they have fled totally into an idea  that in the now only an energetic exchange by all people is perceived now.
The truth is always more intricate than thought to be.  Let us still be caring and supporting our brothers and sisters. Not only in compassionate thought of feeling superior or we are already their mindset.  We need to see that for now a lot of us are still needing that I owe you note that is not worth anything but still keeps people in the perceived lack through being bound to that.
If we care we see that transitional models and help is, if we ain’t going to be shifting with all humanity with a flick of a switch, needed.  So ignoring is in my view also getting yourselves into a separation modus from all those that have not yet had the change to get to the stage of being thinking or feeling what it is that what is happening, due to poverty, lack, starvation, war, conflict, oppression and so on.
We will be seeing that we need to be all-inclusive or are we only going for the happy few that perceive and make it.  That is for me the question you should address to yourselves.   Are we just caring and sharing for a select group of us or those that have the same convictions as a group.  Is that not separation again.  We need to see there is more to integrating and growing into being a human creator god that we all are if we get there all in time….to perceive it as it is.
So maybe think about helping, supporting and sharing not from the I need myself perspective alone, or that of a certain group. This shows only the survivor modus mentality that is not the being there for all equally. Is the one more worth to you than the other. Is there because of you having more media-coverage or a bigger group of supporters not an in-equallity if you deny others the same.  It is not easy being a so-called 5D human.
So think maybe of some patterns that have been creeping in again of the old paradigm. Think about many those things that still represent separation or duality in you’re doing. Think about what is excluding others from also having the same experience and maybe help them with their issues and problems till they also can have that.
I am just giving a few thoughts here for you to ponder upon as I see those things being played out in the now.  Remember, if we all are One, than act also upon that!
Love and Light,
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Love you all in gratitude and happy days are really here to come!
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