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Series of live channeling Saint Germain ~ Serie 2 part 2 ~ Individual ascension and collective ascension (august 12, 2013) ~ By Méline Lafont


Another question that I have is: there are a lot of channellings and different things out there that talk about the collective Ascension, that there is also a collective Ascension in addition to an individual Ascension and that a certain threshold percent that needs to be reached for the collective to ascend. Is that true and does the collective need to ascend before the individual can ascend or in other words can I ascend and then the collective may later follow if I am ready? And what has to happen for the collective as one consciousness on Earth, on Gaia to ascend? Can you maybe give some clarity on that?

Saint Germain:

Yes. In order for the collective to be able to ascend, each and individual needs to be ascended first because as you ascend individually, you are making it more possible for the collective to ascend along. And this because each and everyone of you are connected to the collective and you are a part of this collective. You can see this as a beautiful puzzle. Envision this puzzle as being the collective. The more pieces of the puzzle are colored green so to speak, like we use green and red, red for not ready and green for ready. The more pieces of this puzzle are colored green, the more the collective is ready to pass this threshold and the more individuals are ascending, the more Gaia is able to awaken in this new reality and to share this new reality with each and everyone of you.

So yes Andrew and my dear friends, an individual process of Ascension is needed first in order to lift up the entire planet of Gaia and the collective with you. So if you ascend individually first, you go through the Ascension portal and back and you do this continuously; you go back and forth to adapt to the new energies. You come back to ground them into the collective world you are living in, so that energy that you have absorbed during your ascension process can be grounded into Gaia and as it is grounded into Gaia, the collective will absorb this as well and activate this in the heart. The more individuals are doing that, the more the collective is absorbing and activating. The more new souls are being awakened and reborn in this awakening.

So yes, the individual process is very important. This is why we stress the fact so much to meditate, to work on your personal evolution, to be balanced, to be Love all the time, to ground yourself, because by grounding you are allowing to bring in the absorbed energies into the world of Gaia and her collective of humanity. You are giving the chance and bringing all the opportunities to all the individuals on your world to access all the energies that you have all gained and absorbed by Ascending and going through the portal of Ascension.

The more you do an Ascension process and you always come back into this reality, the more you ground this by coming back into this reality. You may be lingering in 3 or even 4 or more worlds at the same time but this is the reason why you are still here lingering as well. Because while you are bi-located in the other realities at the same time and your consciousness is constantly shifting from one reality to another, you are experiencing time frames and little aspects of these other dimension and realities at the same time.

Sometimes you experience the fourth or the fifth dimension or even higher dimensions, and it is like a split of a second. Most of the times you do not perceive it to be your reality but you are starting to perceive it as your reality now and you start to recognize it that you just did a time travel consciously and you take that back to your lower and other Dimension, which is the Earthly one where the collective is lingering in. This is the fourth dimension that the collective is lingering in. And you take it back to that Dimension and you ground this as it helps to awaken a lot of people at the same time.

You can be in the fifth Dimension or in the sixth Dimension and stay there for plenty of time while at the same time your embodiment is still in the fourth Dimension and your consciousness is most of the time lingering in this Earthly plane but at the same time you are experiencing a new world. You are absorbing all of this, you are experiencing your gifts and your talents, you are accessing other time frames and time lines and all that you are. You take this with you every time you consciousness shifts again into the lower fourth dimension.

This is needed to be done, this is the way how you help Humanity; by constantly lingering in all those dimensions and realities at the same time. And the more you ascend the more you grow in this, and the more you grow in this the more you are doing this on a conscious way! So you see Ascension with body is much more wonderful and challenging than just choosing to exit the planet through the death process. But anyway, I do not wish to diminish this at all. I have respect and the most of respect for the souls who choose to do this through the death process, because it is challenging for them as well.

It is going through the fear of dying and letting go of the body which is not an easy one if you fear it. If you don't fear it, it is a very beautiful process.. I can tell you that. And I have the most respect for those who choose to leave the body and go through the ascension gate by leaving the body behind because this way they are granted new opportunities to take on new forms which they will choose and whatever form they would like to do. By this I hope I have answered your question to the fullest extent possible because truly ascension is so beautiful, it is very hard to put it into words and I try my best to give you an answer and an image of what the opportunities are and how important it is to do an Ascension process.

Andy: yes thank you so much and very well said! I am just so excited because I think personally I am ascending with body, I'd like to think I am.

Thank you Saint Germain

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  1. Hi Meline and Andy thank you both so very much for all you do, Meline in particular i have so much deep admiration for the bravery and integrity you have shown over the years, especially just lately, i totally admire what you are doing. i have been posting your messages on my blog and this message in particular really resonated with me in a big way, now i understand this process so very much more. Thank you :-)

    Cosmic Love to you Both xx
    steve (passiglight)

  2. Hi there dear Steve! Much gratitude for your support and the blogging of my ork! I truly appreciate this contribution! I am happy this message could give you some clarity about the process. Much love from my heart to yours! ♥