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Paige Hall Ferraro ~ Raising vibration Radio Network with Ariëtte Love and Méline Lafont

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Holy Shift!  I used to say that the veil was becoming thinner between dimensions and now I say “what veil”?!  We have powerful energies (appearing in the form of emotional triggers, physical upgrades, collective dumping, astral voyeurs and so on) to recognize, process and transmute, with very little “time” to catch up before another wave of light codes arrive for us to anchor within and then ground all over again.

Lately, there's been more of the collective anxiety, depression and further purification and clearing.  We are receiving more DNA upgrades from the SOL-ar codes.  Physically, you may be experiencing high pitched tones in the ears, throat soreness, neck and back aches, bloat / digestion issues, itchy/dry/red eyes, dizziness/ vertigo and headaches.  You may also be experiencing interrupted sleep cycles and “visitors”, those who appear human, as well as those who do not!  The 3D illusion is crumbling, folks.  It is not sustainable on a fifth dimensional planet.  The more you are able to LET GO, and say no to what insults your Soul (the ego will hold on like a vice to rationalize 3D duality), the quicker you will find peace within.  To assist with this process I am attaching the Violet Flame decree.


We have a special treat this week for you on the Raising Vibrations Radio Network!  I am just absolutely tickled to have two of my sacred soul sisters joining us in co-creation to form a triad of Unity and Divine Love.  It is my pleasure to share this segment with my sisters of the Heart, Meline LaFont & Ariette Love!

Méline Lafont is a Lightworker living in Belgium as well as a full time Mom of three children.  As an Ascension Guide and Planetary Gatekeeper, her key role is Transformation by providing channeled messages, Activations, Light Language, Courses, tools and energy work. Méline is also a certified energy healer (Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing, Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki) a faithful blogger and New Earth teacher.  Her regular articles on the Ascension process and light encoded transmissions have assisted thousands around the Globe.

Ariëtte Love is a Lightworker who lives in the Netherlands, offering many workshops in Amsterdam, as well as private sessions via Skype and in person. She is a pioneering spirit dedicated to inspiring others through the power of Love, and New Earth teachings, as a certified coach, counsellor and kinesiologist. She co-facilitates regular Light Transmissions & Global meditations in which thousands across the world have taken part in. Her service work, retreats, and sacred gatherings, have taken her across Europe, the USA, and Egypt.

For this show, WE will share some of what we have been experiencing within these expansive DNA upgrades, as well as how we are allowing self expression, flowing within Divine timing and recognizing Divine action, merging dimensions and timelines, insights on the current energies, the new communication of healing with presence, and which foods and crystals can assist with Balancing and Grounding the New light codes and shifts.  We will also offer a high frequency transmission for anchoring the Higher Self with Gaia, flowing into the Sacred Heart, and connecting with the Crystalline grid and Unity Consciousness.  

I am truly looking forward to this co creation and all that Meline & Ariette have to share with us.  We are certainly blessed and We invite you to tune in for the continuation of our HUman Evolvement within the Golden Age.

Date:  Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Time:   8pm GMT
3pm US Eastern/12pm US Pacific

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 Note:  This is a LIVE show!  If the flow allows, we will open the phone lines for those who wish to call in with questions.  

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