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Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers - February 24, 2016

An Excerpt from the latest book in the Ascension Manual series -- The Ascension Manual - Part Two
from Chapter 5 - “On Relationships and Twin Flames"
[QUESTION] I’ve reached midlife, and I’m finished with dating. I’m no longer interested in it.

The only person I’d be willing to date now in my life is my twin flame. If I never meet him in this lifetime, I will accept that and fall in love with myself and create my own happiness.

I think I did meet him, years ago when I wasn’t ready. I see little signs here and there that surely he is my twin flame.
Am I grasping at signs and interpreting them the way I want, in hopes that he is my twin flame? How can I be sure?
Is it OK to try to communicate with him in meditation? Or should I simply be focusing on myself and let go of the outcome?

[The Collective] This is a beautiful series of questions and realizations, and we are honored to assist in this Light-filled journey.

It is so, that after two or three or four decades of seeing this person or that, experiencing perhaps some outer commitments, and a number of connections that did not involve what is generally considered to be “commitment”—and varying levels of happiness—that many feel they are “done” with the dating process as they learned it in their youth.

There are several things occurring now that make this an even more widespread situation than in the past.

For one, your bodies, minds, spirits, and emotions are greatly shifting now, so that you no longer view either yourself or those you meet as you would have even a year or two ago.

This is true for all persons on the Ascension path. 
Suddenly, there is a different set of criteria for meeting the Right One, and you begin to wonder if it is even necessary to have that as a goal, once you become aware that you have a twin flame.

For another, relationships are themselves transforming and transmuting into something you would not have imagined even five or ten years ago.

The Light streaming into your planet now is such that all is being viewed differently, whether it’s how business is done, how children are taught, how governments run, or how people behave when attracted to one another.

This is an unavoidable and beautiful indication of the profound change occurring in the human heart-mind, based on the Unity realization that all are interconnected, that there is no Me and You or Us and Them.

And that everything that you are and feel beams out from you at every hour, in every situation, affecting all life on the planet to one degree or another.

 And so this feeling of “You’ve let me down” that so many feel toward current or past romantic partners is increasingly irrelevant. 

There is a growing realization that what you experience during your Earth life is never an accident.

For you created certain experiences before arriving—set them upon your path quite intentionally—and others while traveling that path.

So that while you may have once blamed another for failing to live up to your romantic ideals, you’re now realizing that what you envisioned was not an ideal so much as a place to hide, or a place to rest, or a place to feel loved and accepted.
Or simply to not feel “alone”—a terrible word in most cultures—or abandoned, which many of you felt as children.
Understand that you are releasing the prescribed form of what is called romantic love or connection, in favor of an entirely new level of connecting with another.

That would be the heart connection made via your heart-mind or intuition, and not only your emotions.

By now you are aware that emotions can become easily triggered, inflamed, energetically interwoven with another person’s emotions, and generally knocked about by life, so long as you unconsciously allow them to be.

You are also aware that you no longer wish to live this way, for anyone or any reason.

And so you have stepped off the well-worn, fabricated, one-way street to disappointment that is the modern romance paradigm, realizing that you get nowhere by setting up another human being to be some sort of Answer to that which you believe you cannot give yourself, or heal within yourself. 

(Many of you are also fighting old battles begun with a parent in childhood.)

So that when you say you are done with dating—understandable, given the context of “dating” that you refer to—you are in fact saying, “I am done with the old structure, the old dance of setting up another human being as my ideal rescuer or forever companion, then finding out later that they weren’t who I thought they were.

 Or finding out that they will not or cannot walk a path parallel to mine for thirty or forty years, like the guidebook said they were supposed to.”

This comes partly as a result of your own increasing vibration. 
It is also due to the arrival on the planet of new ideas, understandings, and even inventions of higher forms of connection and appreciation of others, including on a romantic level.

In this new form, the idea of possession or ownership—the myriad forms of trying ensure that they never even look at another, and will never leave you—will never even enter your mind.

The idea of trying to change the other person, rather than fully appreciating them exactly as they are, for all their various colors, tones, and energies, will also never occur to you.

And the idea that they ought to behave, speak, and appear a particular way that is different from how they are now, will also seem strange.

For you are arriving now at the place in awareness where you will be drawn to someone who is “on your wavelength” in the most complete sense, and whose journey and self-expression strikes you as not only beautiful and complete, but a miracle of survival, creativity, openness, and bravery for all they have seen and done, and are.

You will likewise expect to be honored for all that you are, without expectation of changing to suit another, and without need to provide verifications that you will never change, that the connection you share will never change. (Something that is not expected anywhere else in Nature.)

We find that it is a rare person who is happy with the same romantic partner for most of their lives.

Most are searching on one level or another—intuitively looking for “their other half” as the black and white yin-yang symbol describes it to the human psyche.

And so this question hangs ever quietly in the air, leaving everyone wondering if they have chosen or will choose wisely, or if there is someone else who is perfect for them, whom they have not yet met, or may never meet.

We would say that all have indeed met this one they dream of, yet they are not an ideal, an image to be manipulated according to your preferences at one time of your life or another.

They already exist, and are your other aspect, on a soul level . . .

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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