Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Activation Higher Dimensional Body Template of Andromeda by Méline Lafont

There is a new Tool available and online Beloveds! Those who have done the Higher Dimensional Body Template activations of Sirius and the Pleiades might be interested in this  NEW Andromedan Template as well. Check it out on my website - webshop - attunements/activations.

In Light and Service Méline heart-emoticon


This attunement is an activation that is given through a recorded and created audio with guidance and Light language. Méline has co-created this attunement/activation with the Andromedans and Lord Michael, and has created an audio and manual to assist you with this activation. This attunement assists in the integration and activation of the Higher Dimensional Body Templatesof Andromeda. These are very beneficial for the deepening process with your Galactic Presence, your I AM Presence and your Higher Selves, as we work with some Geometric patterns, Cosmic Light Rays such as the Platinum Ray, the Golden Ray, the Star Tetrahedron (the Merkabah) and the Higher chakras. We work on the merging with your Galactic and Solar Over Soul and the Higher Dimensional Body Templates that align with the Andromedan energies.

Consists of 1 audio meditation attunement (approx. 23 minutes) and 1 pdf file (12 pages).

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