Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Méline Portia Lafont ~ October Swirls

The energies of October are swirling. Just like the fall in the Northern Hemisphere has begun and the spring arises in the Southern Hemisphere, the energies of this month will take us like a swirl from loss – letting go to receiving – birth. Just like the tree is releasing its leafs and the spring sprouts the new birth we are to experience a dance of these same activities as energies. This within our personal world as well as within the collective.

It's a worldly change, a dance, a transformation at hand here in this Now. It is taking us in the here and the now just as much as it is changing us forever. And I really mean forever implying it has become easier to let go now and stay present as much as possible in the Now.
We already know that we need to let go in order to start with the New. That is a given in that sense and already being applied for many decades of our time. But what we may have forgotten or what is being brought to our attention now is that it works the other way around as well. In the way that we are open to receive the new will we be able to release the old. It is a dance of equilibrium in both areas as well.

Much focus has been laid on releasing the old so we can receive and welcome the new, and as a matter of fact many expectations have been brought forward based on this. Thus if things of the new have not been part of your realm maybe it is time to first of all focus on the receiving part and open yourself, welcome the new with grace and open arms in order to release the old. Make sure you welcome it fully.

Like a spiral, October feels to me like a dance between the old and the new. A deeper sense of release and relief at the same time but also a priority and even a necessity to accept more, to allow yourself and receive. It may feel as going from one end to the other, from being happy to feeling sorrow, from bliss to depression... When looking upon it as a dance of polarities you may better understand that all of the energies are finding a way to be balanced out towards a refined sense and state of equilibrium.

I'll go even further than that and dig into the fact that even these dances of polarity - the pull and the push effect – or the need for balancing out shall fade away. I might add that it is a shift in consciousness within a dimension of fear and polarity which brings us to a next wave filled with other patterns of existence. We will always make more and new patterns as long as we hold them for real and create them to be.

A shift of seeing and recognizing what those patterns are and where they are originating from is next, if not already present in your reality if you are up for it. In case they are not recognized than they will make sure they cannot be ignored as patterns are always showing and revealing to us something about ourselves. If you feel ready, dig into what those patterns are and how they are connected to your behavior. Look around in your world, it is full of it.

However, a time of being 'pattern-less' is to come and be your reality, sooner or later. The emptier the mind, the less patterns will be present and the more consciousness you can embody. This is the next shift in line.

So October will be about: what AM I gaining from this and what is this gaining from ME? Try to be introspective and open yourself to question everything. This is a good and even excellent time for this as the energies of this month and further on are opportune for this, even supportive and even more so giving you a firm push into that direction.

So let us call October the “investigation gate” with the swirling energies bringing you from one end to the other, allowing you to experience and investigate it ALL. YAY to that and even hooray. Finally we can get to see the beginnings of more inner journeys, voluntary or not. It is time.

So what is your calling? What is your Truth? What makes it your Truth? What are your beliefs? ….

Whatever may arise for you at this time, make it yours.. Own it all and make it happen when you are up for the change of your life. Let your creativity swirl and create in your life, allow your tree to release its leafs as you let go and receive. A good Truth will find your way and lighten up many things for you. Be aware, keep your intuition on full alert constantly and don't be afraid to step into the empty space of your Beingness ~ the Allness for you are everything and ALL.

Blessings and Love

I emphasize you all being Masters in your own right to do it yourself and to get it out of you very strongly! It's been said for a while now by many, not only me. You are ready and graduated now in that sense to do it on your own now. Please know this. You do not need me nor anyone else, be your own teacher and learn from yourself. Explore your beautiful energy and Being, and enjoy those moments. You learn best by being inside of you and the best teacher is your own world/self.

The time of letting someone else do the work for you is over and done with. It is part of the outer reality perception and exactly this outer reality/world is no longer present nor existing any time soon. I prefer to use the word NOW because you are already seeing and feeling it happening. Once you have read the book, all that is left is to do it from then on.

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  1. Love it – once again exactly where I am. Birth.
    For the 1st time I’m consciously aware of those traits that are not part of who I am. Until now I dismissed them as “that’s who I am” and didn’t question it or investigate what effect they had on everyday choices. So as I’d speak with my higher self my 3D self would be going in my back door to avoid social situations that made me uncomfortable. Why? Why did it make me uncomfortable I finally asked? I am Creator Being I am not shy – avoiding situations due to discomfort that doesn’t feel like me but yet I find myself doing these things on a daily basis?? So it must be part of me but what part and why? Then it hit me – it’s a character trait I assigned my character in order to have these Earth experiences. I was playing a role - but not realizing that - I’ve carried these traits with me all the while I’ve been ascending. This in turn caused a yo-yo effect from 5d back to 3d when I unconsciously viewed myself as being shy or uncomfortable in certain social situations and then accepting this as "me" and working around it by modifying my behaviors!! Until I finally said Hey!! Yo!! Hello!! That isn’t you that’s just a part you played!! WOW this changes everything!! It removes so much and allows more of me at the same time!!! And for the 1st time I feel like I am no longer pretending to be human - but that I am human - that this is the real me in human form!!!!