Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gillian MacBeth - Louthan ~ Loop In the Wheel of Fortune

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Loop In the Wheel of Fortune
(boy could we all use a vowel about now!) 

We are all in the middle of a restructuring, and there is no easy way to get thru this loop in the wheel of fortune. As time jumps forward past the winter gods and goddesses we all take a moment to take off the teachings of winter. We are weary confused and alert, like a cat next to a rocking chair. we can feel the future racing thru our veins, Are we prepared for these shifts to come? Every cell in our bodies screams no! The weather has more moods than a teenage girl without a date. How do we prepare for energies that do not respond to our prayers and will not acknowledge us or our dire earthly straits?

What will the goddess of spring ask of us this year? Growth is natural and beautiful but sometimes painful.  like a spring bud just waiting to break free we all have to put on our big girl and boy  panties and get thru this next phase of light and life.  Disclosure is the word for the spring as every little thing that was dormant in winter now spurts out all its hidden secrets.

As the Goddess of Spring stretches herself underground, she takes all of us to a hidden entrance of life. Like a magic fairy door hidden in a tree trunk or a portal between worlds in the middle of a sticker patch, the worlds between the worlds open to be seen. Each corridor reflecting a place where time bends.  The dimensions dance together like auroras changing form and colors at a glance. We become dizzy and disoriented as living magic is seen when least expected. We rub our eyes to make sure we see what we see! The human eyes cone changes as it sees thru time. Time once disrupted comes back around like a dancer that seductively moves toward you. All matter shifts in accordance with divine instructions. This spring equinox portals open and close, try not to get caught in-between. 

A seed can only be sown when it is given free will. Allowing it to search for hallowed ground and start the process of releasing the divine blueprint of life into the earth. Everything we do or do not do seeds the future. All seeds are about believing in the invisible harvest. Like a cosmic farmer holding the image of bounty in his heart until it is finally seen on Earth.
When that harvest is birthed from your seed of belief it is then necessary to share that bounty with others. To take part of your field of manifestation and cut off the corners of it and give it freely so another can start the seed of belief process as well. Sharing their bounty with others and so on and on…. Listen to the voice of the universe inside of you as it asks more and more of you. As it asks you to give and give and give, like a wellspring without end. The universe has its watermark upon your soul and cells. You can never out give the Creator.

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