Friday, September 22, 2017

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Equinox energy update

Greetings Beloveds,

As far as we are now in this month of September, the Lions gate energies and the Solar eclipse energies so explicit during the month of August are now making room for the Equinox and New Moon energies.

This means that a new twist and turn is at hand. Twisting your emotions, twisting your realities and giving a new twist to your internal thoughts. A lot of twisting is going on and this especially in the realm of thought and emotion.

Are you noticing how much is active within your own minds ias to your thoughts and emotions? Your minds are facing a lot of challenges as to where new and different realities are partaking along with the abiding realities within yourself. There is thus a twist and a shaking present as to where many things surface and some are very hard to deal with.

What you have been unable to face, seems to drop down instantly in the moment and it is giving you the creeps at times. There has been a lot of pressure for the body these past few weeks, it feels like being compressed many times. The pressure is intense and it is squeezing the hell out of you. Figure of speech, yet all too well felt as described and yes there are times when it will feel as if the hell comes out of you.

Emotions run high, thoughts go deep and the body wants rest. It is all of this in a nutshell.

And still, despite of it all,we have arrived in a momentum of creativity, of new birth, of creation and innovating desires. It sounds a bit contradictory to what I wrote first, yet it is very much so. And this gives even more the impression of being turned and twisted due to the enhanced capacity of both worlds in one.

We want to move along when a wave runs through our realm, as every wave is a movement of opportunity. Whether it be a nice opportunity to share, to care, to assist, to heal or to release does not matter as it differs for each and everyone of us. What matters is what this wave brings along for you personally and what you will do with this. Herein lies the opportunity we so often speak of.

I am aware of many things being spread and said around the online community about the Globe we live on: prophecies, predictions, stories, channelings... Personally I do not follow nor read those things anymore for over a year now. I chose to focus on my every NOW moment during every day and start from HERE.

There is a lot being said about September 23rd, 2017 and some have asked me what I think of this all. The only thing I would like to share with you all is that what I make of this date is nothing less or more than a trigger within. A moment that will trigger and may reveal all that is NOT like it was said to be. In other words a revelation moment and a trigger point to the realization that all which has been said is not so.

Fake news, predictions, gloom and doom... this trigger point will start some kind of clarity that all of those things are NOT.

I wish to emphasize to request the revelation of that which matters to you. That which is of service to you. You request this by heart during the Equinox gateway and on September 23rd, 2017 to let this BE and serve your Highest Being. That is my intention, my focus from hereon and now in this moment during this Gateway. And so it is.

There is a trigger inside of you that will turn on a switch. This switch will inform you further of Global “events” being formed from the inside and no longer from the belief in an outside event. As our worlds will be twisted, it is best to turn inwards and focus on your heart intention from a state of peace, serenity and equilibrium.

Therefore, once again, it is extremely important to ground and center your vessels. Keep an open mind and an open heart for what comes your way out of your own inner realm. Connect with it and let it inspire you. Bring about your creative flow and spread, seed.

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With Love,
Méline <3

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