Thursday, April 26, 2018

Méline Portia Lafont ~ April ~ Are you conscious of your subconsciousness?

April is promising, invigorating but it is also revealing some kind of renewing energy. It promises the renewal of things which lie deeply buried in the subconscious mind. Therefore: are you conscious of the subconscious things in your mind? In order for this renewal to take shape, we will have to be able and dig deeply into our subconsciousness to access those seeds we so desire and need for renewal and rebirth. Why renewal and why rebirth of something we have previously experienced? Why would we use this again but in another way?

Everything is energy and here on Earth we experience energy into form. Energy can be molded, shaped and reshaped at any time. We can therefore retract the same energy we have been using to build our skills into this world instead of taking in new energy from an outside form. We can clearly dig into our own subconsciousness and make use of our expertise which is the embodiment of our previous experiences. Instead of starting anew, we simply apply what is leftover of this experience and use only that which still apply in our right mind and heart at this time (resonance to frequency), and here we implement (create, birth) what we think we need and want to give to this world as a renewal of energy.

This is called rebirth and in a way it is an Alchemical process we are applying.

Since we are magicians and Master creators, we shape our own world simply because we are a Universe in itself into this form and type of embodiment. In that sense anything is possible as an infinite Being, yet the laws of Earth apply differently. Still Magic is possible if only you would believe in this wholeheartedly. It is here where it begins!

Still, residing in one's own subconsciousness can deliver promising things. Such as:

· the release of old -still unconscious- programs and beliefs

· the reforming of these when being conscious of it

· the allowance to reset certain running programs which always end up in errors or so called limitations

· clarity can abound and deliver freedom from unwanted entrapments

· healing in all sorts of facets within you

· allowance to make a change and be the difference

· allowance of your abundance to come forth

· allowance to receive

· knowing your SELF deeply

· seeding towards fruition (subconscious to conscious) = Mastering

April has given a start signal to apply this and to become conscious of your subconsciousness. It is important, it is crucial for you to be able and deliver the new world through yourself initially ~ as for this is where it needs to be seeded first. To harvest is to deliver. And as always, everything is to be delivered first from you and through you within.

So yes, we are currently on a ride which will bring us closer to each other and to ourself in the first place. We will be able to experience all first hand on a deep level before anything can come out of this. So we are going to get to know ourselves more profoundly and more often than what was currently the case so far. I find this very exciting, because I do not know about you all but I AM craving for more time with myself lately. I have been feeling this inner push to sit with myself and to discover the different floors within me which build up the gigantic structure that I am in this world today and at present.

Every floor within me is a different level of my imagination about who I AM. I cannot imagine how much that must be when all I AM is infinite, but I would like to get to know myself more deeply before I AM going to deliver all of me to this world and create a new World for me and for ALL of Humanity.

Isn't it wise to know all of you first before giving all of you to the world, being the new world? We need to know who we are and what we represent as an energy embodiment before we start spreading and seeding ourselves into the powerful grid of NEW Earth. This is crucial here, it marks the future presence!!

We only know parts of ourself because we are only conscious of these few parts.. But there lies much more into our Beings, all still residing in the subconscious level of our minds.

Master Kuthumi will be giving an exercise to help and access our subconscious mind. I invite you to consider this exercise and to start exploring all that is you before creating and seeding yourself into this New World. It is light language encoded and created from the patterns of perfection. All lies within the Divinity of One, the power of eternity and the beauty of Love.

Listen here

With Love
Méline Portia Lafont

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