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REBIRTH - May 5, 2013 By Crystalai

REBIRTH - May 5,2013
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

Our Oraphim Cosmic Family announced that our rebirth will begin on May 5. We were told that the shift in Consciousness will be beyond our imagination.  It is a result of the New Earth aligning into the Aquarius Constellation.

From the eyes of the 3D scientists, it would appear as if there are as many as 20 meteorites per hour aiming at the Earth, and it is unknown how many actually hit the Earth. In 5D reality, the Cosmic Scientist would realize that it is actually the Earth that is going In To comets of the Aquarius Constellation. It is our time of At One Met with our Creator Galaxy. It is the time to return into our Harmonic Universe two and three of Tara and Gaia from Aquarius.

What is the difference between the 3D reality perception, the 5D reality perception and the 12 D reality perception. It is simply the amount of darkness or light that is placed within the perception lense at any particular angle of rotation. According to the amount of light available in 3D, the constellation would appear to be many light years in distance. However, in the 5D reality perception, there is very little distance at all. We are actually all within each other. When we rise into 12 perception, there is so much light and so little distance that we just live in light.

It is exactly the same as an artist who uses certain amounts of light and darkness in the painting to make the viewer think that something in the picture is closer or farther away. The painting is really just a flat surface, but certain amounts of light can make things appear closer.
So, this new reality field, this new proximity due to angular rotation of particle spin places us back into the reality that we came from. We are now in angular alignment with the consciousness of Gaia and Tara and our entire Oraphim family.

It is the time of the Rebirth into our Super Conscious Mind that will reconnect the seed atom wtihin the Solar Plexus and the seed atom within the Crystal Heart- which is within the Thymus, between chakra four and five. The Crystal Heart is called the 8th Chakra. On December 21, 2012, the alignment of the new body of the new Earth was tilted into an angle that allowed the meta galactic 8 consciousness to flow into alignment with our 8th chakra preparing for the galactic consciousness to begin the rebirth May 5, 2013.

We have already passed through the alignment with our Arturian Friends. That wasn't as significant as the alignment with Aquarius. Aquarius is the home of our Founders Race. The Oraphim Cetacean Founders created the Universal - Arantena, the Galactic Gaia and the Solar Tara. This is all the same STRING Family of Consciousness. The crystalline omnions of the spark of Source created this grand reality. The perfect structure was torn apart through Electric Wars and many other terrible events. Now, that perfect structure of Atuning all of the STRINGS back together will begin.

This scientific reality has been explained by Brian Green in his STRING THEORY. It has been seen in Unified Field Theory. It has been show by JZKnight by shifting the brain from the upper cerebellum into the mid brain. It has been shown by Ashayana Deane by activating the crystal heart to reunite all chakras into the 12 subharmonic atunement.

Some of us have been practicing these technologies for the past ten to twenty years, so we know how to tune in and how to activate this great mind, now that it is available to us. Before we were just practicing. Now it can actually happen.

We tune in to this new reality that is waiting around us through Frequencies. Our Super Conscious Mind speaks to us through Frequencies. If we keep tuning in to the old landscape in the old Upper Cerebellum Brain, the reality will continue to look like the old 3D Earth of the past. But, if we tune in our Frequencies to the Cosmic Consciousness of our Oraphim Family. We call them the Cosmic Dolpins. They were known in Aquarius as the Whale People.

They are the ones doing this entire Frequency alignment of the Earth back into Gaia. They are Aquafarian Elemental Consciousness streaming through our DNA. They are here with us always. We just need to tune in to them.

Even Wikepedia knows about Aquarius and the Whale People and the Water Technology. Take a look.
Welcome to We play their frequencies continuously.


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