Saturday, June 29, 2013

~AA METATRON – In the book of life ALL IS WELL – The Mission has been a great success~ by Anna Merkaba

fairy bird
Ascension Know that in the book of life, dear children of light.. all is well.. and the mission has been a great success.. but know that every single day and every single moment, you are changing the course of the works, you are changing the course of the books ending.. beginning and structure, for you are the ones creating your own reality, for once again you are manifesting it all with your thoughts and your actions to what you are perceiving to be or not to be.

And so, with love and light in your heart you are to go forth and persevere, with light and love for the moment of NOW you are to live your life. Worry not children of light, for you are all here to do just that, free the souls locked in a human vehicle, these are the souls that are just as advanced as many of you are, abut are locked in the perception of the 3D world, and believe that nothing lays beyond this.
And so in light of this, we would like to take moment and explain to you once again , that this is all a game.. and yes indeed a painful game at times, and you are of course here on the planet earth at this moment in time, to assure the awakening, the awakening of the spirits within the human vehicles, for once the spirits have indeed awoken to their true nature and their true selves, then no ego, no ammunition and no chemicals, nothing will stand in the way of humanity, nothing will stand in the way of increasing vibrations of their divinity that is flooding the earth.

You are all here to be a part of this grand experiment, an experiment of moving past the veil of forgetfulness no matter the obstacle that stands in your way, and the obstacle is indeed FEAR dear children of light, FEAR that has been ingrained into your vehicles for eons.. into the DNA structure of your vehicle.

Worry not for we from the angelic realm and you from your own consciousness of existence, are indeed changing the structure, are indeed changing the links and are indeed working everything out for the benefit and good of all involved.

Worry not for the fear that is being spread to you through various means are but to control you. Remember you are the ones that have planted the seeds eons ago, knowing precisely that this moment, the moment of now will occur, and you are the ones that are to unlock the mysteries and the profound secrets of this universe and to allow others or REMEMBER and withstand any and all forces with the idea of reaching the higher divinity, of these true souls and existence.
And once all of you will understand that there is no good or bad, that there is no light and dark, that there is no negative or positive, that all is one and one is all, once you find that balance within yourselves, this… will assure your ascension.

Once again I would like to remind each an every one of you that the process of ascension is on individual bases only, understand that you still walk alone, alone on the path to ascension. No one can do the work for you, nor should they try, for it is not possible.

YOU are to look deep within yourself, and you are to understand that the link to the universal truth, the link to the source of all that is, the link to GOD is solely within YOUR OWN BEING.
And so I ask that you look deep within yourselves to discover the link to me, to discover the link to eternal light and love of the universe.

I AA Metatron stand here with open arms ready to welcome you home.. home to your true divinity, home to your true selves. I love you, I am with you.. Goodbye for now.

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