Wednesday, September 4, 2013

“Peek Through The Window.” A Mini-Reading For September 3, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.
533476_430479833715639_1446706373_n~ If your life is anything like mine, September is already shaping up to be pretty busy month.  Characteristically, September is always a month of transition.  It heralds the end of summer and the onset of fall.  It’s back-to-school time for the kids, creating a shift in our perspectives and in our daily schedules.  And really, the Holiday decorations are showing up in the stores earlier and earlier every year – the craft stores have been filled with Christmas decorations since August!  (More on that topic later).  And so it begins…
~ While I definitely have my fellow Moms in mind as I write this post, I believe the general theme is applicable to everyone.  It’s becoming increasingly challenging to balance our spirituality with the demands of daily life, at least right now, as we teeter precariously upon the balancing beam between the old world and the new.  It requires us to be in both places at once; to remain centered and in the stillpoint,  all the while keeping up with the responsibilities of work, home, and caring for the loved ones who depend on us.  We can often get caught with all the “busy-stuff”, and the lovely 5D life we’re endeavoring to manifest in our meditations gets involuntarily put on the back-burner.

get-attachment.aspx~ In today’s reading, the Angels are reminding us that the act of creating is the very thing that comes perfectly naturally to us.  It doesn’t have to take up a lot of time and energy, and it can be done at any time and while we are engaged in any activity.  It only requires us to hold the vision – apicture and a feeling of your ideal outcome.  The more you focus on this, and train yourself to hold the emotion of how you would feel as you live this life, the stronger and more real it becomes.  Our card today is from the Indigo Angel Oracle Card deck, and it is entitled “Look Through The Situation.”  This card depicts a pretty Angel, and on her back is a basket.  She is picking Lavender, and gathering it.  I see this as symbolic of us, selecting and harvesting the specific facets of how we want our lives to be.  We put them in a safe place and hold them close to our hearts.
~ This card encourages us to peek through the window.  What do you see?  It tells us to release the minute details of our manifestations, to God and our Teams.  They will take care of the little things, while we keep our eyes on the ultimate prize.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Try to see past the turbulent events happening all around us, and focus on what lay beyond.  Feel the relief, the freedom, the sense of peace.  Hold onto those sensations for as long as you can – even if it only lasts for the span of time you’re meditating.  As you do this, you’re training yourself to remain centered and still, and the more you do it the more automatic this reaction will become.  In turn, you’ll become stronger and be in a place where you can teach this skill to others.  You’ll be more effective, also, as you join your energy with others in order to effect Global change.  Go forward knowing that you are Divinely protected and assisted, always.  The Angels want us to only to experience abundance and to feel joy in the Human experience.
Have a wonderful day! ~ Bella
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