Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Equinox-Eclipse: the corridor of truth


Happy Equinox!  I can barely believe it but we are already halfway thru the eclipse cycle (what the?) and now we are entering into what is being called “the corridor of truth” as we begin to align with resurrection energies of Easter that will be broadcast so powerfully during the upcoming full moon/eclipse.
Coming into this next planetary season we are bumping up against some major changes as the celestial heavens prepare to display one of the most phenomenal passages in human history.

Because we are moving so rapidly (perceptually) through time and space at this moment on earth, we are often unable to fully realize the scope and magnitude of such changes until they appear in the physical dimensions.  According to my Sources, this is what 2016 heralds…beginning with the spring (in the north) and the cyclical emergence of new life.
Since we moved into March and I pulled inward to observe my process and the incoming energies, I have been hearing over and again that “everything is about to change” and that “there has never been a moment like this earth”.
I have also been hearing that “this moment, right now, is why so many who were here in the very beginning are back for THE END (of an age)”….that it was our promise to earth and humanity that we would one day return to fulfill our destiny as Suns of GOD, to pave the paths and build the structures needed to support all others in their remembrance, and to assist the planet in her own journey to becoming a divine solar being.
In other words, for some, this is our entire human journey made manifest in THIS lifetime…and it begins now (this year).  It is the reward for thousands of lifetimes in-the-making, and the reality of this is becoming tangible. However trite, this is THE moment we have been waiting for…not just for the last few decades, but for an entire odyssey of life experience as unconscious earthlings.
We are in what is being called “the grand finale moment”…an ending of epic proportion (like, literally so) that is piggybacked with an astounding new beginning of human experience, the likes of which this planet has never seen. And as we venture into the next several weeks each of us will be called to rise up into a new level of consciousness.
For those who chose embodiment, this will mean a release of the lower world, a severing of the 3D timeline which will result in the unification of spirit and matter.  This merger is the requisite for the unfolding of the higher body consciousness, that which will activate the new body technologies that the star beings have spoken about in past reports.
After this takes place I am told that we can expect the new human form to begin its own unique journey of realization which means those (mentally, emotionally & spiritually) prepared will go thru a series of biological mutations required to sustain our 5th dimensional chakra system and (christ) body of light in the world of form.   Apparently this could create a euphoric-like state as those prepared to enter the light fulfill their contracts of service in the 3D world, and in that release, can fully engage with their divine missions of the 5D world.  (read: this is what we came here for)
And while this remembrance of divine truth may be quite an ecstatic experience, I am also made aware that there is coming a moment where that disconnection/reconnection process will greatly affect the world consciousness grid.  Because of this, we are being called to stay awake and use discernment in our daily dealings, as we move thru an even more accelerated period of collective unrest.
In the coming days we will be urged to pay close attention to the ways in which we are beginning to adapt to new life, to the world around us, as we become clear, conscious conduits of Source.  The next few months leading us to the solstice will be a time of balancing our new divine-human experience with those around us, learning how to engage with the world we are “in but not of”, from our newly awakening perspective born of the GOD mind.
All in all, there will be much to behold for each of us in our own way according to the galactics…and for the next 4 weeks in particular we will be the witness to a lot of “newness”, both within ourselves and in the world around us.  
In this special report gifted to us from the Spiritual Hierarchy (the governing body of ascended masters directing the spiritual evolution of all those who desire to reunite with divine/GOD consciousness), the wayshowers are finally given the “hall pass” to enter the light.
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