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Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers - March 3, 2016

Here's an excerpt from the new Ascension Manual book, from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

The Ascension Manual – Part Two: Creating a Fifth Dimensional Life
AscensionManual_part2_balloons_life-2 copy
from Chapter 12, "On Finding Your Life Purpose"
[QUESTION] How do I know for certain that I am living my soul purpose? I would love to work with the least fortunate, especially children. Where do I start?

[The Collective] We find for the most part, that nearly all know what their soul purpose is for this Earth life.

We will speak in terms of life purpose, for soul purpose in the greater sense far outstretches any one particular Earth life that you might live.

Though you may feel to be “stalled” in either your soul or life purpose at certain points in your journey, it is nearly impossible that that would continue indefinitely.
For those who have chosen to represent the Light upon the planet now are living lives that intentionally smooth the way for greater and higher levels of Light to take up a natural and consistent presence on the Earth.

How you do this is always revealed to you from within, though that may sound clichéd and rather unhelpful. And yet, it is so.
You have mentioned working with the least fortunate, and in particular, children. You have come to this from a place of compassion and a desire to lessen the burdens of those who seem to have been given a hard time of it in this life.

Children in particular are highly vulnerable on many levels, and need not only guidance in learning life skills, but protection from that which they are not yet strong enough to deal with positively.

And beyond that, they all need encouragement for their individuality and all aspects of their Divinity to shine through in their own creative and unique ways.

Regarding finding your life purpose, know that it is constantly with you, and constantly asking to be honored by you, whether it asks in loud or quiet ways.
We say to each Lightworker who claims to have not a clue about their life purpose, What is most joyful to you? What topics sound most fascinating?

What draws you powerfully? What is your favorite if-money-were-no-object dream? What was your joy as a child, which you dreamt of doing as an adult?

For these are all powerful knocks on the door, asking to be let into your everyday life.
And certainly, it may not always be outwardly possible for you to drop everything and go work to save the Siberian tiger, or to stop the destruction of the Brazilian rain forest.
There are individual steps to be taken, and even then, your life path may sometimes require you to offer your gifts in ways that are not paid monetarily, though it will empower you in many other ways.

And so the question then becomes, if I cannot make much or any money by rescuing whales and dolphins or by teaching children to paint or dance, or by exploring ancient sacred sites, or healing others—then how do I do this?

How do I live out my life purpose, when it clearly doesn’t fit the modern requirement to make X amount of money each month?

Other questions may also crowd in, as many are involved in raising children, or have a spouse or partner who does not wish to move to another town, let alone another state or country, to help you fulfill your life purpose.
This is where daily discussions with your support team of guides and Angels become irreplaceable. And this is where an ongoing, open connection to your own intuitive leanings likewise becomes irreplaceable.

For you are able to contribute your gifts and energies in an endless number of ways, whatever your situation, even if you are simply sending Divine Light each day to that group or situation whom you are most concerned about, whom you know in your heart of hearts you are here to serve in higher ways.
That is actually a great gift, and one they will receive etherically with genuine gratitude on a higher level.

Again, we encourage you to speak with your support team each day. Say to them, Who or what am I here to help or encourage, and how am I to do this? What is the most important step for me to take right now?

Then take each step in the journey, one at a time.
If you are here to invent a device that creates fresh food by harnessing the energy everywhere available in the Universe, you will do that, whether it is by working with others or on your own, bit by bit, in whatever hours you are free to do so.

If you are to guide children to garden, to feel and receive the messages of the Earth and Her trees and the rocks intuitively, then you will do that, even if it begins with only a few children in your neighborhood, or your own children.

There is no need to feel that everything must be dropped, and your entire life changed immediately in the blink of an eye.

Though some choose this sort of sudden commitment to a large vision, that sort of change can be difficult to sustain over time, if your energy is still mainly in the world you have left, rather than this new path you are creating.

The adjustments can be great and taxing, including emotional, social, and financial adjustments to, for example, working as a full-time volunteer in a foreign country, or suddenly leaving one field for one you have had no previous exposure to.
We would say, that most Lightworkers discover their life purpose in smaller steps, moving intuitively into that which fascinates them by finding a group or a class, a book or a documentary that opens them up to a subject they have been dreaming about knowing better and delving into, whether they consciously realized it or not.

From there, allow yourself to begin connecting with those who are already in that world, in whatever way is most joyful and flows most naturally for you.

You might not need the large sum of money to begin a community project or creative work that you have assumed you’ll need. And there might already be community structures or grant monies available that will aid you in whatever you dream of doing.
Those who choose to work with children are actually choosing to learn from them, far more than the other way round, particularly in this unprecedented time.

Many great masters have and are being born now, since the new millennium began, and have come to teach those who came before them, and to further carry out that which you have begun, particularly on an energy level.

And so we would say, what area of working with children most draws you to it?
Are you most concerned with their reading skills? Their social skills, in learning how to get along with one another without bullying or social hierarchies? Helping them develop their creative abilities?

Are you most concerned for those struggling with unhappy home situations or financial lack?
There is great food insecurity now even amongst the wealthier nations, due to increasing gaps in income and the come-and-go nature of many government-led social programs.
And so the field is ripe for those looking for nongovernmental solutions to community problems of all kinds.
Sit quietly and imagine yourself doing the work you most desire—let the images come to you on their own, asking your team to assist you in this.
Then tell them, “Show me the first step!” for they will do so, and perhaps have done, though you may not have been as receptive to it in the past, or assumed that it would be too difficult to undertake for one reason or another.

Be willing to sit with the potentials and possibilities of your path, without immediately judging them as “not practical” or “not possible.” For anything can change in the blink of an eye, and your life waits for you to mold and reshape and renew it each day, as Creator of all you are and do and experience.

Understand that whatever your passion is in life, it is never accidental. 
It is a clear and powerful message from your heart-mind and higher self, that this, and your own growth, are why you are here.

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan 
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from The Ascension Manual - Part Two: Creating a Fifth Dimensional Life
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