Sunday, July 10, 2016

Méline Portia Lafont ~ July Newsletter

Blessings Beloved Love Tribe!

July has kicked off with enlightening certain aspects of relationships and connections ~ showing the imbalances, the distortions and even can prove for relationships to be difficult at this time.  Observing is key as well as balancing is!

We continue this month with focussing on balance and working towards the maintenance of this while we shift tremendously.  Some days are definitely funkier than others!  Intention and devotion is so powerful at this time, see where it goes and where it takes you.  Where does your focus lie at this time?  What are your intentions ?  Where is your energy taking you? 

Good news for the participating members of the Tribe: the rates of my entire webshop are back to rates without taxes! This means that all of the products and services are cheaper + the current extra discounts on healings will make this experience even delighter and lighter ;)  We have strict laws about taxes in Belgium and due to being under a certain amount of income given by the law, I can now start to work tax free for undetermined time.  The uncertainty is that next year it is possbile that this will change again to rates with taxes.. everything depends on how much income is registred..  Just so you all know when these rates change.

This said, let us all support each other in this now.  We are surfing on a continuous accelerating wave.. What Masters and experienced BEings we are more and more.

With Love and devotion

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  1. Thank you for the update dear sister of Light, Meline. I'm experiencing a Love relationship with earth and nature at this time. A most beautiful picture of you - pure love, bliss! Namaste to all.