Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sandra Walter ~ Unity Meditations Wednesdays

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Please join us for our Unity Meditation sessions on Wednesday!
These collective events provide healing, activation, and support for Christed embodiment. Open to receive, or set your intention to be a pure conduit of the higher light for the HUman Heart grid and Gaia during these meditations.
They grow more powerful each week - and YES, we will continue them in July since the response and reports of activations, clearings and connection to our Teams has been amazing. Thousands hold space for your Ascension progress; connect with us!

Join from wherever you are at 8:11am PDT, 11:11 am PDT, and 5:11pm PDT.
Use the Christ Light meditation or simply meditate on Ascension. Connect with the HUman Heart Grid, Gaia’s crystalline core, the Crystalline Grid, SUN, and Great Central Sun. Be outside on Gaia if possible with your crystals. Stillness is Golden; focus on Pure Source embodiment, or use the guided Christ Light Activation meditation for expansion.
More details & free download link HERE.
In Love, Light and Service,

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