Monday, January 9, 2017

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Re-opening readings * limited*

* Note from Méline:  The readings were already full booked within hours of time!  Sorry, I did not expect such fast booking so I will regularly re-open slots for readings in certain timeframes to give everyone a chance to get a reading.  Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter on my personal website Awaken Spirit from Within so that you are notified and updated when I re-open the next slots of readings.  My subscribers to my personal website will always be notified first and earlier than this blog :


We have been hit hard with Solar energies, Gama Waves, Photon and Cosmic energies.  WOWZA, these are digging deep and blending on a cellular level into our DNA.  If you are feeling grumpy and exhausted, experiencing detoxing flu like symptoms you are sure to be a part of those that are grounding this experiencing DEEPLY.  Some may feel light at one day and grumpy in the next..

I have been bombarded with requests to do readings, since I stopped doing these.  Therefore because of the massive requests and for the new awakened ones desiring some background information about their processes, I will re-open the reading services BUT for a limited amount.  This is an exception as I normally do not perform these anymore.  So if you like to a time slot for a reading, make sure to book in through my website by purchasing a Typed reading as these are limited to 12 only.

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