Friday, August 25, 2017

Lauren C. gorgo ~ Excerpt 5 D report ~ Crowning Victory: seat of the divine throne

We just witnessed the second eclipse of the season, the total solar eclipse which was being touted “the great American eclipse” due to the fact that it’s over-lighting essence was the most powerfully felt (geographically) over the United States for the first time in nearly 100 years.
The effects of this event will be felt everywhere for a while to come, but for those awake and in tune with the greater Plan those effects are being felt largely inside as a major inner-light encoding.  To experience an eclipse internally is to be aware of the activations and DNA upgrades taking place and the effects those changes have on our every level of our being.
This particular eclipse took place in the sun’s sign, Leo, which is THE archetype for the inner-rulerand is therefore so central to our sovereignty…to our independence and freedom as Self-governing souls in full conscious command of our destiny. Think about the millions of people who were focusing on the sun all on the same day…thinking about it, talking about it, hearing about it, looking at it, feeling it…a HUGE collective chunk of human conscious (read: creator power) immersed in the energy of what looked to be “the” sun, but that was ultimately awakening “our” (inner) sun, en masse…speaking directly to our very own so(u)lar power.

Can you imagine what will come of this collectively shared intention?
Those who have prepared themselves to take this major step into the full expression of inner-authority have been consciously working with this energy to move vibrationally outside of the “human slave race” frequency matrix, to eclipse the insidious control mechanisms put in place by those who have a vested interest in our consciousness, in our life Force, in our heart power.
This whole year in fact we have been reclaiming the sacred powers of the Holy Heart for exactly this reason..because the awakened human Heart is quite literally the only threat to the powers that were. They may have more advanced technology and more advanced intelligence, but what they do NOT possess is our innate ability to Self direct our life force, to transform our reality and the experiment of this world thru our own remembrance of LOVE, thru our own willful desire to take full command of our brilliant biocomputers.
Those who have completed the game at this level have been releasing these final false matrix implants keeping us from our own supremely intelligent biology so that we can complete the full merge of our spiritual and material selves.  As we unblock the sacred flow of life force at this level and allow for it to guide the intelligence of the physical body, our flesh will become illumined and the transformative changes within the new human vessel can occur.
During this finalizing eclipse season we have a real chance at breaking the glass ceiling deliberately put in place to keep us small, to keep our DNA inactive, to keep our GOD Self from awakening from within the delusion of duality.
Simultaneously, on a bigger scale, people all over the world are beginning to witness all the conscious and unconscious agreements they made with reality as they each come into question…realizing that the majority of those agreements have been pre-created and designed by those ancient controlling forces of the matrix.  This is a profoundly pivotal turning point…one by which we, as a society, need to decide whether or not those contracts of be-lie-f are working for us as a whole, or hindering us as a humanity.
For those on the path of mastery, the total solar eclipse was a clarion call sounding our souls to completely cut our cords with this and every past life upon this planet…to leave everything (and I mean everything) on the table as we make our exit from the false matrix.
For me personally, it was quite literally (and dramatically) a total reboot moment…the eve of which both my desktop and external hard drive failed, barring all access to past information.  On the day of, one hour before the event began here in NY, we experienced a two hour power outage, seemingly for no reason…and then, right in the midst of the eclipse passage my cell phone up and died (momentarily) demanding that my FULL focus be on the profundity of this magical moment, ensuring that I was entirely present to what IS.
Device by device, I was taken off the old grid in preparation to power up again on the new grid, with no lingering attachments to the past.  Even those things that are of the substance of the new world have traces of our old world energy upon them, and so a COMPLETE disconnect was required.
This event has pushed us all to let go in totality, to trust so completely in the BIGness of who we are as we fearlessly move thru the practical details of any remaining smallness.
Those who are fully willing and able to give over the remaining fears and delusions of disempowerment with detachment and composure…while suspended in complete faith of what’s beyond this moment…will be rewarded with the opportunity to remember, honor and fulfill our original promise to earth, that which will become our legacy to humanity.
It is time to bear witness our True greatness.
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