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Paige Hall-Ferraro ~ Crystal Message/New Moon Cosmic Trigger July 23, 2017

foto van Paige Hall-Ferraro.foto van Paige Hall-Ferraro.

Greetings Beloved Light Family,

This is the first chance I have had to share a portion of the messages that came forth on the New Moon Cosmic Trigger, July 23rd, from the crystal realm. If you are new to my facebook friend list and do not know much about me, in addition to being a Light Guide and Gatekeeper, I AM a Crystal Messenger for the New Earth, one of the first groups of crystal scouts originating on Gaia.
As Rose Quartz incarnate, I have had to develop many layers of forgiveness and compassion, and a very clear boundary of self-respect. This is a New Earth Virtue which I cherish. Therefore, please then integrate what resonates, and discard what does not.

I have shared on dozens of radio shows, within workshops and sessions, that I have received messages from the Crystals since I was a small child. They actually grow for me and share what is happening on an ancient, cosmic and karmic level of being-ness. I have always trusted them and have worked with them in sessions, DNA activations, in planetary grid work and as trusted allies for the dolphin collective and the unlocking of the crystalline grid and pyramid codes. They have “protected me” and have also shown me when they have been misused for the abuse of Power over Others.
As I assembled for the New Moon in Leo, for the cosmic trigger, bridging the gap for the solar eclipse gateway here on the southeast coast of the USA, there were 2 messages that came in CRYSTAL (Christal/Krystal) clear.
First, it is very clear the Christed Buddha energy / Light is Now available for all in the New Earth timeline who choose to Integrate and Receive. Self-responsibility as Wayshowers, Forerunners, Starseeds, Lightworkers, etc etc….begins with Integrity of One’s Thoughts, Feelings and Relations that are congruent with Oneness and Openness and no longer hiding behind an Identity of that which You think you were many lives ago. The Rainbow Bridge is the Unification of the Rainbow Tribe, of the Rainbow Councils on Planet and off. There is no separation whether one is Lyran, Orion, Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Andromedan, LeMurian, Atlantean, and so forth, The Buddha Christed energy has arrived. It is up to every ONE to allow this opening to Integrate without any more delay. We have had lifetime after lifetime to do this. And the GREAT SOLAR eclipse is completing this per our request. (I know there are many who wish to dive into the astrological and galactic intelligence for this….and I can too, but not for this article, thanks).
One of the Crystals that has grown for me since I was a child is ANANDALITE. Its Divine Consciousness is connected to the Cosmos and the Crystal Core of Gaia. Ananda means to be in BLISS & JOY, which is the same message that received from the Buddha, that WE are NOW entering into the rainbow bridge of JOY.
Anandalite came in on the early morning of the New Moon, for the preparation of the Cosmic Trigger and the grid work for the SOLar eclipse here on the coast of North & South Carolina, USA. Please feel into this message and know that the Crystals wish to BE with you & Gaia as We integrate and upgrade our Crystalline Heart and DNA as WE Create a New Earth as One. I felt her enter in my eyes, heart and lymphatic system (which several of my close friends can confirm).
We All have the potential to exist in a completely different dimension than we previously operated in. We continue to release the emotional layers that we aren’t able to fully identify because it has been in the way of your true Awakening. We are ALL now adapting to the integration of Cosmic Christed Consciousness. We are being stripped to the core of all we have known and in this space of despair and the unknown, we will experience an exceptionally high frequency of LIGHT Integration and Unity. You are a part of ALL and ALL is a part of You.
Anandalite wishes to remind you that there is no separation and there never has been. They want you to know that they can not be controlled and they develop consciousness continuously. They appear in the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, and show themselves as our Cosmic Sun and our Star continues to Integrate its way into our Planet. They will not and have not given up and neither should WE settle for anything other than Divine Bliss. However, Anandalite insists that it can dissipate to other cores off of this planet if We refuse to Awaken to this timeline of the Goddess.
The message is clear. Unify. In Bliss and JOY. Do not hesitate & think it’s all out there to be done. The time is coming very, very soon which YOU will have to be the way, sow the way and show the way.
With love and crystal blessings,
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