Friday, August 18, 2017

8-17-17 Bill Ballard ~ 2017 40 Day Event ~ Calling ALL Light Masters To...


Your immediate attention is requested for this year's 2017 40-Day Global Focused Intent Event beginning on August 21, 2017 staying focused on "YOUR DREAM FOR NEW EARTH" until September 30, 2017. Focusing on YOUR OWN WILDEST DREAMS for New Earth IS what is being asked of you to accomplish! It is time to create OUR COLLECTIVE NEW EXPERIENCE! The Clarion Call IS being sent forth here and now! Your service is BE ING requested!

Each person participating in the focus geometrically amplifies the effect of the collective focus as you all know... How much LIGHT and FREQUENCY in that individual person's field as well as how long they can hold their vision and intent IS their contribution and it's effect geometrically pyramids and amplifies the total sum or bottom line of all others who participate. Participation here adds to the collective ONE WE ALL ARE and will help to generate the direction and experiences we shall have in OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURE!


hehe... ALL THAT IS!!!

Please post your personal visions for New Earth in the comments below to share with all... 

Any negative comments will be promptly deleted so not to infect the energies of all participating. RE-MEMBER.... YOU WILL EXPERIENCE WHAT YOU PUT TO THE FIELD.... ALL negativity will be amplified and certainly be reflected back to you! For persons doing such. Since EVERYONE is truly a master, you alone have created your experience!! In-Joy your creations as I IN JOY my own! Smiles! hehe Check Mate! 

PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO OR CREATE YOUR OWN WITH YOUR MESSAGE! I certainly would take no offence in others doing this their way!

Much LOVE!

aka Walking Star
aka Manna Ra
aka Ma Na Ra

Many Smiles!
Much LOVE!

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