Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Blog Pleiadedolphininfos

Beloved Tribe,

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to offer you all many channelings and important information through this blog.  For almost 5 years now is my Blog Pleiadedolphininfos been a Source of Light and Love to many and a Home to all.  I am delighted to say that this blog exists almost 5 years and that up to this date many are still visiting this Blog.  Thank you for that!

It has become difficult to blog every day, as you have noticed, as I have to spend a few hours each time to find articles that resonate and blog this each day.  Life turned out to become busier than ever due to the well known shifts for us all, including my family life, personal Self and my spiritual work as a service.  To find balance in all of this has become a daily challenge for me.  I would Love to continue this free Blogging work for you all as it brings souls together from different Tribes which on itself allows for a unification on different levels.

I would LOVE a kind of support for my blog and efforts to keep up with this work beside of my busy energy work services and family life.  Therefore a suggested monthly donation of a small amount from each of you followers  would make a tremendous change for me and create some space for me to spend more time at blogging, creating new Tools and free videos, and taking on less services..

Every donation and offer is greatly appreciated for the 5 years work on this Blog! 

If you are able and open to donate, a donation button is present on this Blog OR you can use my paypal account to send a gift:  -

P.s: new Scribes and articles suggestions are always welcomed!

Thank you Beloveds and so much Gratitude.

Méline Portia Lafont


  1. Thank you Meline for opening your heart to receive!!! I encourage all readers of Pleiadedolphininfos blog to send monthly support to her that she may experience an amazing abundance that is a divine recognition from each of us, of all the Love she has shared and continues to share in this blog and in all of the work she does for this planet, all the realms of Light, and all of us here, unifying our hearts in to One beautiful chalice of divine love, light and creative power. May Meline be showered with Love returning to her in the form of financial abunDance!! Love you Meline!

    1. AWWWW Sweet sister Jewels!!!! How are YOU??? I have received your beautiful donation <3 It is so gracious of you beautiful Jewels! always connected in my heart, you are to me xxxx

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