Monday, October 2, 2017

Lauren C. Gorgo ~ 5D report Excerpt ~ Planetary Graduation: human to divine law

Even if we are hard pressed to yet define it, everything has changed. In the wake of the Great American eclipse, a persistent, deafening silence resounds in the ethers, a stillness that all of nature seems to honor as sacred…which seems to indicate more change to come.  Life is dutifully responding to this veritable transformation and we Know nothing will be the same again.
September is always a month of death & birth, of endings & beginnings…but this September has been a little extra in that regard.  All month long we have been dropping the ill-usion like it’s hot…yet, for every limited thought and/or expired emotion we transcend, every outlived action we release, a profound new realization appears to reveal the very origin of that (lifetimes old) miscreation.

Our hearts are healing from the original wound (of separation) and this defragmentation is finally delivering the insight to so much suffering, the answers to LONG awaited questions…those things we may have intuited all along are now outwardly/consciously revealing the truth of our ancient past as we are reborn into our True nature.
It is sobering, if not astonishing, to glimpse a bird’s eye view of the entirety of our journey to arrive here…for many, this has meant multiple lifetimes working toward this very goal.  And then, to see our sojourn(s) in separation come to resolution before our very eyes…I don’t even have a word for that.
This exceptional awareness was the blessing of the Virgo sun gifting us with so much integration made possible by this emerging clarity…or maybe it’s the other way around. We are untying the proverbial Gordian Knot and in the process so much healing/wholing and alignment is finally attainable.  It’s been literally stunning how these inner revelations seem to electrocute us, stop us dead in our tracks, as they paste together those final puzzle pieces that we have been searching for since the beginning.
Because of the finality of endings combined with such radical new beginnings, life has been extremely up & down…very predictably unpredictable this month.  Flashes of excitement and wonder for the new interspersed with feelings of uncertainty, emptiness and confusion have been the norm.
As the veil lifts to reveal our new horizon we have no solid idea what to look for and so our eyes are not yet adjusted to the new landscape, incapable to see what our minds cannot yet grasp.  We are still finding our footing and our steps, tho tenuously incremental, are also quantum in nature….it will take a good chunk of time/space to figure out how to navigate these new coordinates.
This with the help of the solar eclipse which literally pulled our plugs out of the old/false matrix, wiping our old hard drives (templates) clean…giving us all the opportunity to reset our selves and lives to activate the new circuits of the unified Heartmind that we worked so hard to reconnect over the summer months (winter in south).
As we were pushed (perhaps to our limits) to exit duality, it also became clear that we had no safety net to fall back on…that we needed to make the transition alone, to plug into our own Self-sustaining hologram without a modicum of external support.  For those who have already emerged into the new, there is literally nothing (but Self) to lean on now that the karmic template has been dropped.
Those willingly at the jumping-off point have been thrust forward in complete faith of the unknown, suspended in nothingness, learning to completely Self-rely.  And tho the tidal waters have been radically receding in preparation to bring in a brand new wave of support, the scope of that wave will be contingent upon our ability to authentically wield our reSources.
This shift into total Self-reliance may have translated as the old familiar snow-globe effect…where the contents of our lives have been thoroughly shaken up and we are just waiting to see where the pieces land.  Only this time it felt like we have been personally disassembled in the process, dissolved into nothingness, and without a clear way to put ourselves back together again. This is because we (the small we) are not supposed to.
After we dissolve into nothingness we are born into wholeness.  The eclipse enabled those prepared to fully release our (identification with) form so we can return to life with ALL of ourSelves.  In the interim, our job has been to stay out of our own way, to let nature take it’s course (key theme) while our completeness takes form.
We are merging antimatter with matter and have been squeezed thru a multidimensional portal of absolute refinement, spiraling thru a cosmic centrifuge to spin off the last of our accumulated falsity. This process has demanded that we keep our human aspect completely out of the way so our soul aspect can step fully forth into this world, unimpeded.
In the process, the parts of our lives that no longer hold water have been blown up and/or retired over in the wake of the great eclipse…but for those of us moving into our True Home as a full time resident of unity, it no longer matter-s. We are finally, fully surrendered. We have reached the point of no return and we Know it. The remains from this last blast of our past may be scattered everywhere, and we may be required to sort thru the floating debris for some time to come…but only to determine what goes with us to the new and what gets washed out to sea, never to be seen again.
Messy? Yes.  Uncomfortable? As all hell.  But the beauty of this wildly uncontrollable (birthing) process is that we learn how to be propelled into life without a plan...and to trust implicitly in the purpose of every unfoldment.
In a word: freedom.
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