Thursday, October 12, 2017

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Change

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Blessings and greetings dearly Beloveds,

It has come to our attention that there are some seeds planted and being integrated within your minds of this plane. What you have seeded and planted is about to occur as the mainstream energy lies within your alliances. You have made and thus agreed upon some alliances with certain souls that are a part of your own lineage group as well as with outside groups of another nature and group consciousness.

Here we speak of Star and Stellar group consciousness as to where you agreed upon a union to transform this world and to transport all of your alliances. It is an agreement to bring about the change called forth from each and every one of you.

As Master Saint Germain always says: “change is the only constant there is”, we may take this quite literally indeed.

So what has been going on during these times? Let us take a look at the energetic perspective and may it propel you further along your path. For everything lies in understanding their own nature, is it not? Every event and all that which comes to pass – “good” or “bad” by nature - have only one intention and that is to bring you back to your own true Selves.

It takes you through certain emotions, feelings, senses, experiences and situations which all require the same thing from you: to put your focus and your attention towards your inner world for there lies every answer you seek. All of the world events are birthing pains to bring forth new energies and consciousness. But what matters and where the attention lies is within this womb, not the birthing pains and external reactions to it.

Isn't this all we have been hoping for? Wishing for? Vowing, decreeing and creating? And so we are truly doing this. But it takes us deeply and profoundly into the birthing canal, thus we are to experience these pains and the labor which is involved in this. We are all connected to one another and to the Earth, even beyond this Plane.. Naturally we are all part of this and we are participating!

Ask yourself the question if you are willing to participate consciously and if so, how far do you want to go. Lay out, clearly, for yourself what your part in this all will be when it comes to fruition. Engage wholeheartedly in something that you believe in, that you are interested in and that in your heart feels like serving the greater good of the world.

Never forget that change begins with you, love begins as you and that you are connected to all in various ways. What you do, say, think and move has an effect and has consequences on everything that is part of this world. You can start the change by making a difference into your own life to begin with!

And to make a difference begins with becoming conscious of your Self and open your heart as the heart is the connection point to all spheres, Masters, Beings, Stars, suns, worlds and people. What are you becoming aware of? What are you noticing, seeing and feeling? Which insight has crossed your mind? Share it with someone as this allows for your consciousness and this energy to pass its way onto this world. Someone else may tap into this on the other side of this Globe, and even more so become a part of your realm which holds the same energy.

You are opening doors this way, cultivating realms together as one of a new order: the order of the restoration of the ancient balance within. The Masculine and the Feminine, the Light and the Dark, the positive and the negative, the inbreath and the outbreath...

We are the guardians of Cellular memory:

We choose to speak in the language of the Human form so that we can pass on new understandings about the fabrics of Thy Being in the form of your cells. We captivate impulses, symptoms, energies, surges and information. We guard ancient memory, we transport unprecedented knowledge to be ingrained into the memory of your cells, we guard what is to come and we transport what has come about.

Currently you are all finding yourselves within a phase of rebirth, of preparation and acceleration to propel you all further and deeper into the New Era of Golden Light ~ The Aquarian Age which is the energy of timelessness, immortality and vitality.

Your new cells are being birthed amongst the transmutation of old fabrics. It is an in depth process which feels like it takes you through the wringer. It seems never ending, relentless and repetitive yet it is unique and an experience of its own.

Now that your bodies and your cells are transforming amongst many other parts of you and life itself, there is no better way to support this all by reclaiming and reinvestigating yourselves. Your old programs are failing and any attempt to replay those old programs shall no longer remain possible to the extent it once was. Things may become more difficult for you as long as you remain in this habit to control.

These old energies are being stripped away and as they go, whatever is attached to it, shall also be stripped off.


Birthing new energies always brings along insecurities for the unknown. Therefore, to be Self aware and centered will help you through the birthing process as you know yourself and what you are capable of. It is harder to let go of things than to step into something new. Well, here we are in the New and we are doing this all together. Join hands and follow the path of trusting your Self, of allowance and with an open mind.

As one experiences the New and unknown world, it only needs a nano second to become known to others, who experience this world with you and as you simultaneously. In other words it takes 1 individual, one soul, one step to change something unknown into something known which allows for everyone on this Globe to step into a new world. Since we are ALL connected, this one step taken by one single soul opens the gates for others to be invited in, and that what was once unknown has now a name and a face to it, given by previous explorers of the unknown.

Imagine what we can do if we ALL would make the conscious choice to investigate the unknown and take the steps. There are now worlds within worlds being opened for change to come about. Thus do not rust within your old familiar way and instead become the adventurer, with an open mind.


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