Saturday, October 28, 2017

Purging quest full package with Méline Lafont

This package includes several services to support you maximum as possible in your well Being.  It is a special package of energy work with Méline Lafont to assist your awakening process, your well being and health on mutliple levels.  This brings you a boost and a profound process of working with your SELF.  Note: working with yourself is not to be seen as a burden but yet as a joy and pleasant moment with so much potential.  Between each energy healing session (3 sessions) is a 3 week period of rest to let the energy do it's work.  Venturing through this entire package ~ quest ~ will at least take 4 months without the Course.  The course itself is to be done online on your own pace.  To know more about the course please scroll up.  This package is available in English, Dutch, Romanian. 

Channeling course participants will not have to pay for the connecting to self/channeling course included in this package !!

Total cost of this package: 616 Euro. Currently there is an introduction discount.  

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There are monthly installmment pay options (without discount):

3 month or 5 month installments:



This package includes:

* chakra reading.  This is a reading typed document with information about your 7 basic chakras.  (blockages, activation, color and state of your chakras, what needs to be focussed on..)  We will start with this to have an idea where you are in this now. (Energy scan)

After this reading we will do an energy healing session to remove any blockages or/and implants as seen in the chakra reading. 

* 1 energy healing on Remote or in person (1 hour session) with a small report about the session; Information included on blockages or any messages that are connected to your 7 basic chakras and your 4 lower bodies. We cleanse the 4 lower bodies and the physical chakras, we bring in balance, we allign your chakras.

When a layer of potential energy blockages are removed, we go into a deeper energy session through skype.

* 70 minute skype session: Here we address questions that may arise after your remote healing and chakra reading, Méline gives guidance about the highest priority to know at that now moment.  This will be about 30 minutes of discussion, the other 40 minutes will be energy work: implant removal and deeper healing work.  The session is audio recorded and included.

After this deeper work we will move on to an activation session.

* Activation Descending of the higher self: We do a basic cleansing of the chakras and the 4 lower bodies in order to clear your energy channel so that the Higher Self can start to descend into your field and into your physical body.  This is activated to start it's descending- and embodying process on the energetic level as well as the physical level. 

Now that the process and initiation of the Higher Self embodiment takes place we will dive into your energy field and it's potential, your gifts, your lineage and your guides.  Let us see what you have unlucked for yourself.

* Typed reading: 3 questions are allowed to be asked about now momentum pressing desires to know. Contains channeled information. This is a word document send to you by email.

You are now ready to start a Magical quest with your SELF and discover your Multidimensionality.

* Connecting to Self course -   Channeling Course:  This Magical online course is a perfect foundation to integrate and activate further all of the previous energy work we have done, but now you will do it yourself and take the lead. Are you ready to unlock your gifts through your Higher Self by connecting deeper and further on multiple levels beyond the physical?  This course takes you through the realms of discovering yourself and starting to know yourself.  Knowing yourself is a doorway and a key to communication with your Higher selves, your guides on a conscious level.  The last module exist out of 3 skype sessions with Méline (each 35 minutes) to make the steps toward channeling or connecting with your Higher self consciously.

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