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Lady Amethyst. Angels In Unexpected Places; A Dreamtime Journey. By, Bella Capozzi. June 22, 2013.



1011334_167586943420555_620337933_nDreamtime; Somewhere in the Other Realms
November, 2012

I’m with several members of my Team.  There’s maybe 5 or 6 of us-all females, all Pleiadian.  I know that I’m “traveling” because of the razor-sharp clarity of the experience and the colors. There are always the most striking colors.  I also always feel a sense of physicality and a knowing that I’m actually there.  What I distinctly recall about this experience is how tired I felt even in my lighter, Pleiadian form, and how it was laborious to even take a step.  I was thinking that I was so worn down by this Human experience I had somehow found myself in.  I felt stuck.  Trapped.  To whoever could hear my words I was crying out that I wanted it to be over;” it’s too hard; I’m a Newbie and I’ve only done this one other time; the body is too heavy, the culture is too harsh and I want to go home.  Please, can’t I stay here with you?”

“Here” was a marketplace.  Or to be exact, an upgraded, higher-vibrational version of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston.  I walked along with my friends as we perused the various shops and kiosks.  “What are we doing here”, I asked them?  The answer came as we arrived at a small store, set up as a kind of open-air nail salon.  Customers of all Galactic persuasions were sitting in chairs, chattering happily and enjoying a bit of  pampering.  As we entered the shop, a beautiful woman approached us.  Elegant and statuesque, her red hair was swept up into a flawless French Twist, and she wore a purple pencil skirt and a crisp white blouse.  She identified herself as the proprietess of the pretty salon, one which existed only for today and in this single moment; all for the sole purpose of rejuvenating the beaten-down and world-weary spirits of her Earthbound “charges.”  (Oh wow, I thought.  I’m one of this woman’s charges?)

She motioned for us to come over to view a brilliant wall of colors – it was nail polish of every conceivable shade ever seen on planet Earth or beyond.  I selected a bottle of dark red polish.  The woman hurried over to me and plucked it out of my hand.  “Oh, no,” she said, kindly.  “This color is not for you.  I want you to try this one.”  She smiled and held out a bottle of pale pink.  Obviously my choice of Vampire Red was not at all to her liking.
“But I always wear red,” I told her.

“And that is the problem,” she replied, with a knowing smile.  She emanated such higher wisdom, grace and a motherly vibe.  She was so perfectly exquisite, how could any of us not want to emulate her?  How could we help but snap to attention when she requested that we do something?  She looped her arm through mine and walked me away from the jolly crowd, and over to a quiet corner of the salon.

Her voice was sweet and gentle. She went on to explain that the red was an outward expression of how I felt inside, which was aggressive and guarded.  The color symbolized my belief that the world was bleeding me dry.  She explained that if I were to change the way I was perceiving Earth life to be, I needed to first adjust the message I was both embracing within myself and also sending out to the rest of the world.  I had to believe that the planet is a soft and loving place, if I were to actually experience it that way.  The pale pink polish represented my heart-chakra, which needed to be open and receptive.  The color pink is the color of the Divine Feminine energy, the very energy I was sent to Earth to anchor and embody!  It was time to let go of my first impressions of Human life, which took hold within my heart as a tiny baby; the heaviness and the cold, the noise, the fear and the illusion of being disconnected from Source and alone.  I needed to trust her judgement, she told me, as she pressed the bottle of pink polish into my hand and firmly closed my fist around it.
“Just try it,” she said. “Trust me.”
A dog barked, and I woke up.  I came crashing back into my Human body with a jolt, as I often do when I’m yanked back suddenly.  I just lay there for I don’t know how long, reliving the experience and allowing the beautiful woman’s message to sink in.  I tried to remember who she was exactly, but I couldn’t recall.  My Human brain decided she looked just like Christina Hendricks (I’m a huge Mad Men fan), so I nicknamed her “Joan.” Yes, I’m one of those people who has to have a name for everything!  Except her name isn’t Joan.  And since that night she’s come to me over and over again, the magical redhead wearing purple and white.  Who was she?  A mermaid? A guardian Angel?  A Pleiadian relation?  My mother?  Actually, I discovered this morning that the description of “Angel” is probably most appropriate.  Her name is Lady Amethyst.

She came to me again this morning, in my awakened state, to offer me her comfort and encouragement.  I have to come clean and say that this past month has not been a great one for me, and I’m not sure it can be said that I’ve sailed through it with flying colors.  Rather, it’s been a series of one test after another – like some sort of bizarre Galactic bootcamp or a really freaky episode of Survivor.  All that’s missing is the pool of man-eating piranhas and a dish of chocolate covered cockroaches.  I’ve been dealt a series of challenges and disappointments, one after the other, which is (I’m told) supposed to test my resolve and my commitment to the mission.  I sincerely hope I passed…

I realize that Lady Amethyst, who is also known as the Holy Amethyst has been making her presence known to me for quite some time now.  She has been trying to get my attention and has been dropping hints to me as to her identity.  It’s why I got the powerful, vocal prompting one afternoon to change the name of my business to “Amethyst!”  As to what her exact relationship is to me, I still have no idea.  But I am so very happy that she’s here.  She has expressed her wish to share some messages through me, for all of you.  She would like you to call on her during those times when you feel powerless and far away from Home.  She is a carrier of the Violet Flame and is able to instantaneously dissolve any stubborn fear-attachments and old programs that won’t seem to stop running.  She and her beloved counterpart Archangel Zadkiel keep an etheric retreat in the Caribbean, over Cuba, called The Temple of Purification.  The Atlantean energies run strong there, and we are all encouraged to visit often.  I know I plan to.  Hopefully, I’ll see you there!

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