Friday, November 30, 2012

- AA Michael on Ascension’s upcoming Portals and Decree for Gaia ~ channeled through Amethyst

Hello dear ones, our eyes are on your beloved Gaia.
There is a deep need for understanding at this point and the following 4 portals that will open before your eyes will be about the concept of understanding, understanding yourself and others. The Portal of 3-12-12 will be connected to the need for you to walk in the shoes of others, you have spent your time analyzing yourself now it is time to dedicate your attention to the other, your brothers and sisters, your family, those you love and those yet unknown. The word for this portal is connection, to feel the other, to receive the communication among you, to enhance this communication and to support and cherish it. There will be energies coming in that will be there to aid you during this communication, both is the physical and spiritual sense, as they will be reacting directly on your throat and third eye chakra, being the last portal responsible for your crown chakra and your connection to all that is.

So on the 3-12-12 and in the days that follow you will learn how to communicate, important information may come to your awareness on this day, information that will aid you in the subject of communicating with the ethereal world and with your dear ones,  on the 12-12-12 this communication will be more evident and you can make use of the skills you now learned previously until 3-12 to use your third eye with more intensity and materialize this communication until the next Portal, this 12-12 Portal is very important to enhance the practice of this communication and finally after communicating on 21-12-12 you will be able to reunite with all that is and start the major event of your so called “ascension”. The outcome of this day is alone in your hands, what you have fought for will be revealed; it is the mirror of all that you are, all that you became. For those who have chosen not to ascend the doors will remain open and you are free to enter them when you are reconnected with your higher self. There will also be a last Portal for the year 2012 on 30-12-12 that will help to assimilate the energies from 21-12-12 and will be the date of Ascension for some of you. Know that the change has begun but there is still much on the way of becoming, and change takes time to bloom and to be perceived and understood. You are so used to the sun and the moon that introducing a new truth in your reality is not always an easy task and we have to consider that knowledge needs time and and a healthy mind and body to be completely implemented and established.

You have been brave and working hard for this and we advise you to rest and to ground yourself because your Earthly connection is as important as the connection to higher realms, all is a question and an answer to Balance.

Now for a close look at the Portals:

When all numbers are added together you get the number 9 as a result. Also the distance between the Portals is of exact 9 days. What does this mean? The number 9 is a Master number and represents the Ascended Masters and all those who have 9 as their personal number. 9 is also the number of Mediums and those who have visions. This means that these portals are directly associated to the Ascended Masters that are now incarnated and will prepare the Portal opening as well as the necessary steps to make these energies reach you, this can only happen if the energies are renewed and transmuted.
For the next Portals the use of the violet flame is very important, we ask you to open your hearts and to assist Gaia during this process, we ask you to incorporate the violet flame and to project it around Gaia’s grid, to imagine the Portals and to send them this violet flame. In doing so you are cleansing your dear ones and helping them assimilate the Portals energy and are also allowing this energy to flow naturally like fluent water on it’s way to those that drink from it.

To do so you can use this Decree that has been specially given for the associated Portal events:

 I AM a being of the violet flame, I AM the purity god desires
I AM the healing of Gaia, I AM the veins of Love
The violet flame now heals all wounds , brings forth the Light of Gaia,
The flame of seven now reunites to irradiate all souls in its fire.
So it is my desire, and so it is.

 The 21-12-12 Portal represents the union of all sacred rays but the spot light of this event is both the white ray and the yellow ray. The Portals before will have enormous cleansing of the violet flame and the pink flame of love, they are the “preparer” rays.
Dear AA Gabriel along with Sananda will hold the holy flag for all of you during this day, as it is their specific mission to do so, the white light of Christ consciousness will expand to your awareness and expand this awareness  for you therefore it has multiple functions. Once the date is arriving, relax and release your worries, the more relaxed and in balance you remain the easier it will be for your body to assimilate these energies, we are doing all that is in our heart to aid you and to make this Portal as smooth as possible, as always.
In love I come  forth to you,
I AM Archangel Michael.
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As channeled through Amethyst :

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  1. Thank You, dear Meline.
    Very informative and helpful message.
    I am seeing 13 13 on my mobile phone every day now. What could it mean?
    Take some time for yourself and the kids, do not overwork.
    Janina G.