Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lucas – The Bigger Picture – Explore and BE – The Time Is NOW – 8 May 2013

TearsOFGoldA tear of  joy will be all that is  needed for you to see. The tear that can be everything. Water, Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Rain, Ice, Nourishment, Vapor, Clouds and even GOLD.  You will be getting the bigger picture and will explore it to BE. The New reality is overwhelming but it IS and it is yours. You are that God particle you seek. All you thought to have lost you now know to have  gained. It always was yours. You were entrusted as caretaker all of it. You have remembered it to be so. YOU are part of all that IS  and that is also YOU and what surrounds YOU in all the ways your perceiving it. See the greatness of YOUR own BEING. Expand beyond your limitations. The Time IS NOW.  Be the creators of your new paradigm in knowing it can become whatever you want it to be. I know and trust all of  you will use the new reality as it was intended to be.  We will see peace,  harmony, love and equality and we will spread our eternal abundance by BEING and DOING together. Humble yourselves no more but see who you really are. YOU ARE that bigger picture you never have seen as you never looked at YOU in that way.  YOU ARE infinity love and creation. Explore it and BE.

You In The Universe Remembering

Your Earth – Your Home – Your Exploration Point

Earth Venus Mars Pluto

Sun Jupiter Earth Pluto

Sun Sirius Pollux Arcturus

Betelgeuse Antares Rigel Aldebaran

The univers/galaxy

The Multiverse

You And Your Infinity

Love to you all. Your great beings, just remember it for ever.
In gratitude to you all.

Love and Light,

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