Saturday, December 24, 2016

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Gateway 21 - 27 December 2016 ~ take the leap!

Blessings Love Tribe and blessed Solstice Greetings,

The movement of the old to be released and deported has been initiated by the last Full Moon of this month. Everything will be stripped off by the Universe of what you no longer need. You can't take it with you, this time it is very strong. Decisions, choices through self realizations are at hand. Now entering the Solstice Gateway we are in for a wild ride in consciousness! Solar energies working as fine tuning tools in our DNA and nerve system, rebooting our brain system and returning us back to the most authentic level of Self we CAN BE at this now moment. Gearing up through this Solstice portal towards the end marking of December 26, 2016 ~ The end cycle of the 9 year cycle and 3 phase wave ~ the conclusion and completion Gateway.  Take the leap!!

i experience a facing period of deeper emotions and a detox on the mental and emotional level. For once it is pretty instant recognized and released almost instant too. I noticed that when a situation occurs that usually would trigger these emotions, now after this emotional detox, I feel empty and numb instead of experiencing the usual emotions that would fire me up in that sense. They are stripped away instantly and thus is there nothing left anymore to be triggered. I stay very calm, numb as if I am in another bubble. For people around me it appears as if I am feeling apathetic and I even experience it this way in a sense. I can see much movement around me in the collective and in people their lives that are close to me. Serious fired up situations at times and distortions. All are ending contracts, that is why so much comes up to be finalized and released for once and all.

Remember folks... The given time frame of December 26,2016 in one of my messages last year, being a marker and the finalization of a 9 year cycle, 3 waves movement is important! Work with this magnificent potent Portal as it is a vortex of creation and closure for the new manifesting in 2017. It is the time frame of all ending, closure, wrapping up movement. This wave that is hitting us right now is a part of this! Right on time to get digested by our bodies and brain system by the 26th to then embody this energy and RADIATE!

This wave brings up undigested root causes of things translated in heavy, blowing and distorted situations. The time is NOW to release it and to make your closure decisions , to end certain stories and situations. This energy is at hand now. We're HERE now, stay focused, balanced and keep your heart wide open to receive, give and release.

I wish you beautiful holidays and a heartfelt wish for Love, Unity, peace and Oneness.

Thank you for being here at this time and for anchoring all these energies with you while traveling your own unique pathways of Divine Self into the Human shell.

Love and Blessings,
Méline Portia Lafont

Thank you for all of your support and friendship in 2016!  I beyond appreciate you all with Love in my heart <3  If you like to continue and support me in my endavours and sipiritual work, I would love a donation.  Thank you so much <3

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