Monday, December 19, 2016

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Promo discount packages and new services

Discount packages available for the holidays! LIMITED edition!

Beloveds, I have created some discount packages based on what you all like to receive and see in discount:

Click on the products below to go to the link webshop on my website.

Relationship reading

Furthermore there are given discounts on relationship readings and the channeling course in English and Dutch !

Animal healing

NEW are the energy healings for children and animals.  Both done in person and on remote in English and Dutch.

Here is one testimonial about the animal healing:

Lia G.
After I have had very good experiences with Reading/Healing sessions with Meline, I decided to ask for Healing assistance for my two dogs. I want to share these experiences. One of my dogs had problems with the anal glands, and the Vet told me he needed to operate on him if this problem wouldn't solve. Meline has been working on this problem and I can say that it is not an issue anymore! At the moment Meline is still working on his stomac problems. This problem comes from frustration ; ) My other dog has been leaving puddeles of pee in the house at night. This is not a physical problem but has an emotional background (as a lot of problems start with an emotional issue). This beautiful Basset Hound has a lot of anxiety inside of her. I can truly say that this problem has solved. Only on a very few occasions I will find a "little pee" in the morning. Nothing compared to the beginning. Also this dog has a lipoom (fatty swelling) which started to grow. I asked Meline to try to work on that problem. This also had to do with anxiety, low esteem, frustration etc. I can tell you that the swelling is getting smaller! Her anxiety often makes her restless and itchy and Meline is still working on that problem. But I am full of confidence that also this will disappear! Meline needs to work layer by layer on my dear animalfriends. They also have issues from past lifes or have their "own patterns" as a way of living their life. I believe that you have to solve a problem not by working on the symptoms but by working on the real problem, otherwise it will return : )) So on behalf of my dear dogs I want to thank Meline for her beautiful work that she does not only for humans but also for animals!

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