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Méline Portia Lafont ~ December ~ Closing down, making choices.

December 9, 2016

Beloveds, finally we made it to December! What a ride this year has been !!
December is the finalization of a 9 cycle and 3 phase completion. Like I have shared in my previous message, December 26th, 2016 , from an energetic point of view this is the marker and the highlight of this phase for all of us and for this planet. What is next? I cannot say as we are all making and creating this for ourselves in the NOW.

But what I can say is that I have been given a large peek into the energies of December and what is coming up first and foremost is that of decisions and making choices. Because we are ending and completing a 9 year cycle and 3 phase wave, we are to decide what we are going to take with us and what to leave behind FOR GOOD.

So what are you going to take with you and no longer drag with you?! Have you truly thought about it or is it crystal clear as to what is to be left behind for your greatest good and that of all? If there is one thing I AM certain of is that we all have reached so much this year when it comes to gaining clarity of what we do not want anymore and what we do want. Are you concerned that you might take the wrong decision? Fear not as there is no wrong way.

Alan Watts his excellent teaching of choice resonates by heart with me <3

Everything that has been stirring us energetically and physically into this world has brought us into a knowing of this and truly honoring ourselves as a soul and a Being with Sovereignty and inner peace.

Making your choices and decisions during this month, as we round up at December 26th, will be reviewed, noted and cleared. The Universe will strip off even that which you may have been choosing to take with you if it is not compatible with the new energies. It is for the better of you and all, keep that in mind if you are dazzled and surprised that even that could not be taken with you. It is the best for all and the only thing the Universe will keep in mind.

We are co-creating as of now, no longer are we to confine ourselves and define for ourselves solely but WE are responsible for all and for the entire world. That is what it is all about as of now. We had to grow and transform a lot to get to this point and that is why we were called to become Masters so we can take care of what is needed and BE responsible for ourselves.

As the holidays are around the corner you may feel the necessity to close off certain things which have been lingering around, tie up loose ends or even cut cords. It is a release of things that have been unresolved and the closure of old energies. So you may speak a lot about some past happenings to be cleared out of your fields. All needed to stay as clear as possible for your upcoming decisions.

Making choices is often implied when something new is at the horizon. We can smell the fresh air and feel that something is up. So, for once, embrace all that is to come and make your statement of what you want for the better and good of all. This is a marker in “time”, an energy alignment with Truth and change.

Leave behind the old deception theories, we do not want to take those into a new timeline for us to  continue to build further upon. What about creating trust and thrive, honor and Love, freedom and joy?! Let us take that into our new timeline and feed nothing else.

Bring in the path of self confidence, to care and nurture all which is of Love and which is you as One.

This is an important and VERY potent month, use it well, bring it in accordingly and take good care of it. Trust lies within your own hearts, there is no place else to go to.

My intense gratitude for the friendship, support and co-operations over the years of my spiritual work. I have learned so much with you and from you, from myself and all. I am enriched beyond measure. For me this is the most beautiful gift to be and to receive,

Lovingly and respectfully,
Méline Portia Lafont

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