Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Paige Hall Ferraro ~ Solstice special radioshow

♥ Holiday Greetings Beautiful Souls! ♥ 

It truly feels like "yesterday" whereas I was sending a newsletter for Solstice greetings last December 2015 and announcing a show with two Ascension Guides whom I had taken great faith in.   So much has changed, beloveds.  Here WE are about to complete the "BEginning of the End"  as I call it in this 9 year cycle and there is just so much monumental emotion, tears, clearing and clarity as We approach this Solstice gateway.  The energies are just massive in their impact on each and all of us. I honestly do not know anyone who has not been impacted by the intensity of the influx of Light which is propelling us further into our descension, merging our Lightbodies within the physical vessel which we call Humanity.  If you are feeling an urgency to complete relationships, locations, ideals, programs and all that which was fixed, please know that this is the END of this 3D living and WE all Knew this was it.

I clearly remember the bliss I felt during the December 2012 Solstice Gateway.  The channels were clear coming in through the soul star and stellar/galactic centers.   So, here WE GO, Light Family.  What does that mean exactly...I always have this sense of retraction within when another wayshower says this...like, what else is there?  Oh but there is always MORE....and there always WILL BE!  This week of the Solstice includes Mercury into Retrograde and a big bang of Light incoming....which is truly breaking off the crusty edges that remain.  

For this very special segment on a New Earth Radio Network, I am still in a space of AWE as I have been uploading tracks of solstice greetings, mini-meditations, activations, high vibe music and light language, from some of the most amazing BEings I have the honor to call my soul family here.  The line up for this show is my dream come true for us all to co-create as WE embrace these Solstice energies and recap 2016 and merge into 2017....our ONE NEW YEAR.  Please join us for an evening filled with magical Guest appearances by: Sandra Walter, Anrita Melchizedek, Judith Kusel, Meline LaFont, Ariette Love, Anandi Sun Dancer, Jennie Peace, Sally Sherin, Sixtina Freidrich, Michelle Moceri, Michael & Carrie Fox, Clara Apollo, Kara Schallock, Karl Morfett & myself!
Musical appearances by: Craig Pruess, Ohmni Mystica/Aviva Ohm, Carmen Belle White, Michael & Carrie Fox, Oscar Cortes and Aeoliah.   
Abundant Solstice Blessings for ALL
Date: Tuesday, December 20th
Time: 8pm US Eastern/ 5pm US Pacific

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***Reminder: All shows are archived so if you can’t tune in LIVE, you can listen whenever you wish after the show airs! Please visit:  
www.paigehallferraro.com/new-earth-radio.html  for links to each show.

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Together WE RISE!
You + Me = WE ♥
Peace, Love & Unity Blessings,
Paige ♥

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I wish I could include photos of all of the special guests appearing on this show.
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