Monday, December 12, 2016

Shanta Gabriel ~ A New Message from Archangel Gabriel about the 12:12 Portal of Evolution OpeningToday

Shanta Gabriel


Dear Ones,
The gateways of Higher Consciousness open during the 12:12 portal of time. In this most powerful season of Divine Love, those portals are opening in an expansive new way.
We have focused on the High Heart as your receptor vehicle during recent 12:12 portals. When you expand in this sacred vessel you can access the Heart’s Wisdom allowing yourself to receive the Christed Light as it fills the sacred chalice within your being. This allows you to be attuned to the unconditional love and expanding frequencies of Divinity that activate pure wisdom and love in your heart.

In this empowered time of the 12:12 portal a new access point is also expanding and opening into the realms of Higher Consciousness. This new gateway sits in the Medulla Oblongata center at the base of your skull and the top of your spine. Master yogis of many ages knew about the importance of this center to higher consciousness. They used it to illuminate enlightened wisdom within their students.
This gateway connects to the far seeing eye of your brow center allowing you to create a new receptive cycle of Clarity, Wisdom and Unification in the way you perceive life. Within that connection you will gain new levels of neutrality and freedom. You are receiving a new stature within your being as you begin to stand very strong in your awareness of your multi-dimensionality.
The gateways of this 12:12 portal don’t open in outer ways as much as they deepen into a new access to greater awareness, expansion and attunement with the higher frequencies within your being. This inner expansion you perceive will shift the frequencies in your physical body into deeper alignment with your Soul’s highest destiny. As such you will begin to walk the Earth with greater freedom and a new sense of Wellbeing in your daily world.
When you can allow the process inherent within the 12:12 portal to deepen and expand within you, you radiate into the world an empowered Alignment with the Christed Light anchored within you ~ and thus all are blessed. And so it is.

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