Friday, February 7, 2014

Maarten Horst: Message from Andra and the Sirian Collective to Humanity – 2-6-14

 Dearly beloved children of Gaia.
Did it come to your mind that right now the information regarding the existence of Extra-Terrestrials is now reaching all of Humanity?
Through the internet and social media all are reached now. There is no way to stop this.
All over the world people are watching videos, reading messages in their private time.
The majority of humankind had been reached. From you governments and mainstream media not to admit it doesn’t mean that the population knows this at large.

Rejoice my friends! The time for Victory is NOW! There are things happening behind the scenes that are soon the show humanity they are free at last. The Cabal is powerless.  Absolutely left alone. Trials are soon to follow. Have compassion dear Ones. The Karma those Ones have built is SO vast, that they need Eternities to make right what they did wrong to humanity. They will experience lessons so powerful because they have mislead you collectively, created wars deliberately, mind-controlled you.
This is NOW over.
In your meditations and prayers, forgive them. This is the first step to Enlightment. Know that you as Starseeds have prevailed here. Your lessons learned are minute to the consequences of the Dark’s  ones actions.
Refrain yourself from any anger of hate. Love is the feeling you must maintain. The Disclosures that will follow will be so shocking that it might be difficult to hold on the Love. But we come in LOVE and Love is all there is in true reality. Here Truth can exist. We are but a fraction of Frequency away from you. Raise it through being in LOVE. The years that will follow with be exotic! Full of warm meetings with our crew and humanity. We embrace you in LOVE. Come together and celebrate! Fear not but trust in LOVE. All is good in the Eyes of the Creator. He send us out in the vastness of the universe to learn and to come back. Now is the time of the return. The return to Love. Always follow your heart and know your connection with source. It is always there. We bid you. We Love you.
Andra and the Sirian collective trough LOVE only.

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