Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shanta Gabriel ~ Prayers and Global Intentions to Uplift Your Spirit

Shanta Gabriel

Hello Dear Ones,

I know that the many people who have signed up for newsletters from me are heart-centered beings who hold strong intentions for Peace, Harmony and Love on the Earth.

With the recent terrorist attacks creating global fear and anxiety, I also know that you recognize that it's especially important for everyone to remember the power of Divine Light to bring the healing presence of Love and Divine Intelligence to the Earth.

Last week on our 11:11 teleconference, we spent nearly 15 minutes anchoring the power of Love, Peace and Harmony together. The sincerity and beauty of those who spoke from their heart to share their vision and prayers for Earth and all beings is powerful.

These prayers, which were recorded, are extremely uplifting to listen to and radiate Love and healing energy to the planet whenever they are played. This recording reminds us that there is a powerful movement for Peace and Light being anchored on the Earth and we are a part of this momentum for a heart-centered consciousness. In fact, the numbers are growing every day.

Know that there are millions of people who are holding the vision of Divine Awakening and Peace in the heart of all beings on the Earth now. Whenever we send Light to an area on the planet in need, the Divine Intelligence raises the vibrational frequencies and blesses the situation. These blessings make a big difference!

The beautiful free recording is available on my site to listen to or download. I invite you to listen whenever you want to be reminded that Peace begins with us, and you are not alone.

Please visit: http://shantagabriel.com/1111-teleconference-prayers/

"With all our prayers and intentions we held blessings for the world to expand in Peace, Harmony and Love. I felt empowered." –Participant

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