Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Ancient Mother

Oh Dear Mother in Nature, our Ancient Mother!
You are everywhere. You surround us and yet we don’t often see you or know how much you love us.
I see you in the trees and in the flowers. You are the great guardian of all life. When I see you I breathe with your breath. My heart moves with your Divine Heart and I feel refreshed. The simpler my life becomes, the closer I feel to you.
We have so many things that distract us from communing with you, but now we are all looking for you and desire to breathe with you again. Your breath is full of love and full of Life Force that rejuvenates us when we are tired and clears us when we are confused or upset.

When I breathe with your breath, I feel a pillar of Light and Love vibrating through every cell of my body and I remember that we are all a part of you. When I make this connection with you Divine Mother, my soul is happy and I am no longer alone.
When I breathe the breath of Life I am Pure again and feel deep inner peace. I promise to remember you every day and breathe with the Love that you give to us. My soul is happy now and I shall remain in your arms forever

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