Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Emptying the Room of our Heart

It is amazing how much our heart holds on to things we love. This week I am getting rid of many things that I have kept for many years. The more I let go of these things, the more memories are gone with them. So today as I left my house, I was feeling that I forgot something or that something was missing. It didn’t occur to me that it was because of all the things I am getting rid of from my past. I was so surprised how much my life was defined by the things from my past.
Maharishi once said that as long as the pocket is full, something new cannot come in. I always thought he was talking about money. Now I realize that the room of my heart was filled with attachments to the things I have kept over the years. With each thing I let go of, my heart was also feeling more open to new possibilities. Oh my God! Everything I owned had memories attached to them and my heart couldn’t fully move into the New Life that I was beginning to live until I let go of the past.

Every few years I make a habit to throw away the things I accumulated. But it has been years since I did this. Now I am throwing these things away and my heart is just glowing with new energy. My heart can breathe again! As the memories disappear, new vision arises. The Masters such as Buddha always teach us to empty our self. Now I really understand why.
As we empty the room of our heart, the empty space that remains begins to glow with a Light that comes from deep inside our Higher Self. A new vision is born and a new life can begin. We have to empty our pockets for something new to come in. Yes, of course, I miss these things. But I my heart is already inspired to take new steps and there is no clutter from the past making an obstacle course to get there. How wonderful! True freedom can only come from emptying our past and making room for our new future. Congratulations Bob! You finally understand.

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