Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Excerpt 5 D Report ~ Polarity Integration: neutralizing opposing realities

peachreporticonWhere to begin, where to begin…there is so much taking place at the moment, on so many levels of our being, and and yet so little in comparison is comprehensible as yet.
I will do my best to translate what I have a context for, but know that the information that I can currently put words to is only the very tip of a mammoth iceberg becoming visible for the first time.  Aka, we are just beginning to peel back the veils to reveal this whole new world (from within) that we, as unified BEings, get to explore and create simultaneously.

The analogy is so played-out but the anticipation of what we are becoming feels a little like Christmas, only we don’t want to tear into all our presents at once…we want to savor in each glistening moment, handle each gift with measured restraint, with the attention and care it deserves, as we feel ready to open (to) it.  And of course, “ready” is relative to our own process and how much greatness we are prepared to embrace within.
Speaking of prepared…not that any of us expected it, but it certainly hasn’t been the easiest time since the 11:11 gateway. Depending on where we still hold resistance to our full divine Self and new life experience (read: what wants to be), the pressure has been enormous for the purpose of forcing us to break any chains that still bind us, hold us back from goodness, from our greatness, and/or disempower us.
The last 30 days under the scorpio sun really upped the ante in this regard, adding the extra alchemizing element of (core level) transmutation and relentless resolve to decalcify those stuck places within.  With scorpio’s unforgiving archetype (Pluto) lending his always-enjoyable transformational intensity to the already intense resurrection process, there is only one real guarantee: discomfort.
Luckily, we are wizards at finding comfort in discomfort by now. 😳
Now that the quick, but condensed revisit to our shadowland is over…save for the full moon this week…hopefully you are finding your formerly-fragmented self back in one piece and can see more clearly what was hidden and/or still waiting to be transmuted/transcended prior to that soul jaunt to the netherworld.
All things considered, and since the final blood moon and eclipse series in September, moving out of this year is proving to be both exhilarating and daunting, like climbing up a massive roller coaster in preparation for the inevitable free fall that is right on the other side. And yet, with the absence of separation between what is and what will be, we are living the free fall and the climb at the same time!
Tho we are still anchoring in this new consciousness, one thing is clear…our training wheels are officially off and it feels as if we are speeding into 2016 face-first, gliding thru time and space as tho we hit a wicked patch of black ice. At times, all we can do is pray that we don’t spin-out of control and land in a ditch…at other times we are able to handle our new multidimensional Selves with aplomb, with the poise of a master even.
The last three months of every year is a bit much to manage because we are both reaping our harvest from the three seasons prior as our conceptualizations and creations are made manifest in our physical lives, while simultaneously opening to the upcoming year’s energies and planting the seeds required for germination in the spring.
This always gives the effect of walking between worlds, a time of split-focus and extended busyness…of endings and new beginings…of letting go of the old and opening to the new.  But this year, as many complete the integration of our higher Self in form, the changes that we are navigating are off the chart type changes…we’re talking endings of epic proportion, not just for us personally, but for an entire earth age of human existence. It’s impossible to grasp at this point, but here we are.
We are so deeply submerged in multidimensionality now that “simultaneous” is taking on a brand new meaning as we learn how to handle multiple focuses at once. For example, at the moment creation is wildly accelerating and we are being called to contend with a myriad of life situations at once, and yet we are also needing to keep a grounded pace and give much needed attention and nurturing to the resurrection phase that is also demanding our focus. Both are vital at this time, and yet we find that if we try to separate or compartmentalize those clearly simultaneous happenings, we can’t.
This can be quite challenging to navigate with any measure of grace, but it’s on purpose.  We are learning (experientially) how to work with the universal (cyclical) creation model and our old habits of linearity…of wanting to focus on one thing at a time and bring said thing to completion before we begin the next thing…are being sorely tested.
The deeper we move into the merge of our higher and lower selves…the more we realize that our divinity acts as a governing overlay to our humanity and that this thing called life is a separate-but-equal endeavor, one that we oversee with christ consciousness. On a good day this can amount to the ability to “do it all”…we can tend to our humanity and all that entails, while also acquiescing to our divine directives and all THAT entails.  On days of distortion this can amount to internal conflict…to not knowing which “self” to follow or how, and so disharmony ensues.
The key is in tempering a balance between selves, finding common ground that creates harmony and accord. This balancing act of unifying form & formless/seen & unseen will persist in demanding our focus as we continue to move our physical selves and lives into unity.
Meet everything with non-resistance.
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